On stuff……..This side of Heaven

Yours truly spent the weekend; the part not spent on Facebook, Twitter or playing Football Manager that is, thinking about all the things I need to sort out in the next phase of life for my aging self! Here are the Seven things I have to get done, in no particular order, before Heaven beckons….

  • Marry the akara making Halle berry/ Gordon Ramsay/ Martha Stewart superwoman of my dreams!
  • Write the best-selling collection of poems and or the book that gets me on the cover of TIME magazine and rave reviews as the new Shakespeare (speaking at TED would be a great alternative!)
  • Swivel in my chair and dictate global Pipeline Integrity Policy from my corner office at Corporate HQ on 800 Bell street for at least 20 years..
  • Walk a tight-rope stretched taut over the Niagara falls (or if my keg prevents me, pretend to!)
  • Get to retire to my yacht in the Caribbean and watch the sun set for at least another 20 years!
  • Make a one time donation of at least ten million dollars to World Vision, Compassion, or preferably Stepping Stones Nigeria.
  • Last and not the least, get some legit toe-curling, head twisting, mind boggling you-know-what..

Daaaayuuum…. Its a Sunday.. Enough of the day dreams – I’m off to Church!

30 thoughts on “On stuff……..This side of Heaven

  1. For each of those goals, I would like to see some SMART objectives! Exactly how are you going to measure the mind boggling you know what?! And what is your timeline for finding Ms Berry/Ramsay/Stewart?

    Oh and I vote Stepping Stones for the big donation! šŸ™‚

    BTW your latest template version doesn't seem to like Firefox..:-(


  2. šŸ˜€ Uncle DB, Big aspirations we have there šŸ˜‰ I agree with Lolobloggs. Please give us more details on how u plan to accomplish the 'goals' Pun intended.


  3. Bell street huh? There is nothing wrong with dreaming big. Might join you on 4. uh, I dont know about 7 o, please spell it out. Good to know about stepping stone Nig.


  4. @ K — LOL… I think so too… All on point!

    @Undercover07 — LOL… What do you mean? Nothing evil in #7 o!

    @LoloBloggs — U don come again o… Not every goal can be written out in binary code… Somethings are just KNOWN.. like #7.. For the rest, make some Yahooze will be a good place to start! šŸ˜€

    @Naughty Eyes — Assuming we are talking about the same thing, you are veeery correct man!

    @Rene — Stepping Stones it will be then…

    @Lati — šŸ˜€

    @Nefertiti — Wait o.. Is the '1' a funkified spelling or a typo? Well.. achieving the goals, there are plans sequestered in the Library of Congress for my eyes only.. So I can keep my 'competitive advantage' šŸ˜‰

    P.S. – I think I am liking this Uncle Moniker.. makes me feel old!

    @sweetnothin' — Thanks jare…. Will definitively share the good news with you all… Hopefully the recession lifts before then so I can fly all of you to Nigeria to witness it live!

    @ Omo Oba — LOL.. Bell Street might actually be one of the more doable ones though..At least I am getting the Msc I need in the first instance… You're welcome on #4… Err #7 is…… well #7!


  5. me 2 I don't know wot u r refering 2 in no. 7 oh, kindly expatiate…all d best with the goals…dat woman, na wah oh; may u find her as soon as u want her…


  6. Talk of speaking at TED :)!!! DB, these aren't day dreams ooo..
    Gr8 list, you can achieve. i can achieve. we can achieve. Yes we can.
    Have a fab week.


  7. @ Justdoyin.. I'm not sure I know myself…. Hmm..As soon as I want her? I think I want her already o!

    @Chayoma – LOL… The Caribbean of course… Somewhere off St Lucia maybe?

    @CaramelD — LOL.. Finally then.. Maybe, I'll just pay someone to do it.. and act like I did..

    @Ochuko — LOL.. Of course TED is a viable alternative… Of course we can achieve all that and more..

    @BSNC — LOL… Good luck plus better shinning of eye

    @Good Naija Girl — Yeah I agree… Looking forward to celebrating too!

    Thanks peeps.. You inspire moi!!!


  8. Like GNG said, the first step to accomplishing ones dreams is to be aware of them.. in other words that is. I love ur plans. Get on the cover of Time is a great one. I need to start dreaming even bigger. It really does work!


  9. This really inspired me, having plans in my head but not written down is not as motivating..akara, Halle Berry, Martha Stewart and Gordon Ramsay, never really thought those names could all be linked together! Lol!..hmm with God all things are possible.


  10. LOOOL@ 1
    Afi akara making halle berry

    Arent we all waiting and hoping for 7?
    maybe I shouldmake a list too….


  11. @Brokeass — Feel free to make a list.. I am so holding out for an akara making Halle Berry type… At least she can learn to make akara abi? Hmm.. #7…is #7…


  12. I like this list, I would tweak it a little and prolly marry the akara making Will Smith/Gordon Ramsey/ u know.. LOL
    On a serious note though, they say as long as we set goals and put in the hard work we sure as hell realise our dreams. SO Mr DB roll out that yacht. I'm coming to visit šŸ™‚


  13. Mehn i like how you know exactly what it is you want an were you're headed. Great list…with God on your side you shall accomplish em all.

    …and yes, yes especially #7 lol


  14. @ Gochi – Yeah.. feel free to tweak it…..That would mean you've got some Engineering things on the side too aight? Nice..

    @Repressed One — Thanks.. Guess planning is one thing, executing is the big part of it though…. and YES #7…


  15. The Famous Mr. DB!! nice to finally "meet" u.lol. nice list. um i know we just "met" but can i get a ride on your yacht when u get it ? lol


  16. Nice one dude, i like the fact that number 7 is legit.

    As per superwoman!!!, well, let me know if u can find her , then i'll clone her because everyday, my delusion that she exists gets dimmer and dimmer.

    Speaking at TED, good dream, u never know, keep blogging and you could be nicely surprised


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