On stuff……..This side of Heaven

Yours truly spent the weekend; the part not spent on Facebook, Twitter or playing Football Manager that is, thinking about all the things I need to sort out in the next phase of life for my aging self! Here are the Seven things I have to get done, in no particular order, before Heaven beckons….

  • Marry the akara making Halle berry/ Gordon Ramsay/ Martha Stewart superwoman of my dreams!
  • Write the best-selling collection of poems and or the book that gets me on the cover of TIME magazine and rave reviews as the new Shakespeare (speaking at TED would be a great alternative!)
  • Swivel in my chair and dictate global Pipeline Integrity Policy from my corner office at Corporate HQ on 800 Bell street for at least 20 years..
  • Walk a tight-rope stretched taut over the Niagara falls (or if my keg prevents me, pretend to!)
  • Get to retire to my yacht in the Caribbean and watch the sun set for at least another 20 years!
  • Make a one time donation of at least ten million dollars to World Vision, Compassion, or preferably Stepping Stones Nigeria.
  • Last and not the least, get some legit toe-curling, head twisting, mind boggling you-know-what..

Daaaayuuum…. Its a Sunday.. Enough of the day dreams – I’m off to Church!