The Action Item List

I identified a few key things that I need to work on in my life to improve on myself majorly. The prioritized list I will be working off is below:

  1. Develop a reading schedule: financial, self motivation, self esteem, writing and career related books.
  2. Schedule times for laptop gaming, internet and other non essential activites.
  3. Build a plan for improving my life in the categories of Al Mohler’s excellent piece – The Marks of Real Manhood.
  4. Develop a plan for regular bible study and prayer, determine a time and stick to it
  5. Document my peculiar sin vulnerabilities: identify the triggers and fight for the life of me!
  6. Identify two mentors – one in the workplace and one for my personal life. Set up weekly teleconferences or meetings as appropriate.
  7. De-clutter my life. Reassess all my people connections and downsize to a manageable number.
  8. Complete my MSc, identify critical modules I will require in the work place and read up on them before I get to resume work.
  9. Get a complete physical exam done. Identify any potential health vulnerabilities and ensure they are in line for focused attention.
  10. Maintain my weight – can’t afford to increase health risk levels by bulking up.
  11. Develop mechanisms for tracking and assessing need before expenditure. Consider adding a need assessment module to my excel tracking sheet.
  12. Read up on investment opportunities in Nigeria. Develop mechanisms for assessing investments and prioritizing them for action.
  13. Identify worthy causes and get plugged into a couple.

Hopefully, I will be able to state categorically at the end of the year that I have worked through the list.. I then shall measure effectiveness and decide which new directions I need to chase!

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