Living your Liturgy

Apparently an awe inspiring 90% of Nigerians are religious. Statistics like these make the likes of Richard Dawkins claim that religion is the root of all evil.Dinesh D’Souza, Ravi Zacharias the UCCF, and a whole lot of other resources exist specifically to discuss the pros and cons of the subtle nuances of the arguments around Drawinism vs Intelligent Design and Theism vs Atheism vs Agnosticism. It is instructive to also note that atheism has not done much better either – the Soviet era is a case in point.

Perhaps the real issue though is not religion or the lack of it per se but the blatant lack of authenticity in the lives of its adherents – myself included. True life, maybe, is more like the curve 1/x; asymptotically approaching both zero and infinity without ever getting there. As such we will always have a gap, we will always be striving for excellence, growing more and more towards the ideals of our faith. I know that the Christian Bible is peppered with references to fighting for social justice, honesty, speaking up for those who have no voice, respect for the sanctity of human life and the like and I am sure that these ideals are repeated both in Islam and in our indigenous belief systems.

If everyone of the 90% religious Nigerians lived out the reality of their faith (or non-faith – even atheists believe that the human mind is capable of rationally finding what is the ultimate good), I am sure the blatant corruption, inept leadership, and get rich quick schemes would be significantly curtailed. The real challenge as I see it though is to break out from a nominal, head based, notional faith and to strive to live out its over-arching ideals in the real world.

As one of them telecommunication outfits back in Nigeria once said — Talk is cheap. I would add Live your liturgy…..

25 thoughts on “Living your Liturgy

  1. You are totally right. Talk is cheap. Hypocrisy is inexpensive. Exactly what I and my friend discussed throughout yesterday.
    But on the issue of Liturgy, do you mean our personal liturgy or the religious outfit's??


  2. …I think sometimes we just go to answer present, and fulfill all righteousness in our different religious gatherings; what we do with the principles in our everyday lives is more important; becos it is through our actions that we tell our neighbors and the world who we are. Not by titles, like I am a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and so on.

    Actions they say, speak louder than words.
    Live your liturgy could also be…Practice what you preach.


  3. @undercover07, I see.. I agree!!
    @RustGeek, I love your previous theme.. the one you used to start, it looks more professional and lively IMHO… 🙂


  4. I like this theme! 🙂

    The problem with religion is that it generally interpreted as externally facing. If you're a Christian, you must go to church, you must be seen to pray well. A muslim has to go to Mosque, a muslim woman should wear the hijab etc.

    When it comes to living your liturgy, like you say, all the religions basically advocate living by a moral code which is naturally instinctive and is about action not perception.

    Dump religion I say, lets all focus on the spiritual relationship with God and us, and a more spiritually based relationship with each other.


  5. "If everyone of the 90% religious Nigerians lived out the reality of his/her faith, I am sure the blatant corruption, inept leadership, and get rich quick schemes would be significantly curtailed"…very true talk there; my hubby usually says that with the population of RCCG alone, if they all decided to, they could change our great country Nigeria 4 better…

    I agree with Lolo as well; it really should be less about our religion, and more about our personal walk/relationship with God…


  6. I know naija is a religious country and I will be the first to say that religion is the cause of most mayhem in the society today but thats cos we dont have a clear definition of religion. Religion is like the mafia; an organization that goes around setting people for a fall, putting a big load on our necks whereas the people at top hardly do what they say.

    Religion and having a relationship with God are two different things in my opinion. We have lost the true sense of what a true religion ought to be


  7. I think the reason why religion is evil is becos human beings are very selective on the parts they want to practice and actually twist the words of God. After all slavery was justified using religion. And remember the Bible says the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked. Even the Arians (white supremacy) use the word of God to justify their actions.


  8. Beautifully written and I so agree with this quote "Perhaps the real issue though is not religion per se but the blatant lack of authenticity in the lives of its adherents"

    I ask though, how easy is it to live one's liturgy? Most of us know the right thing, wish to do the right thing even strive to do the right thing but due to several limitation including those self inflicted, we're unable to.


  9. Now I wonder what the Lead news in the ‘Heavenly Post Gazette’ will read about that the statistic of Christian Nigerians.

    ***On the other hand, how are you today? And how are you enjoying the own domain (at last)??? Anyways, do have a blessed and fulfilled week!!!


  10. This is word! Actions do speak louder than words, and everyday I do try to be the best person that I can be. Religion aside, just being a GOOD person…


  11. @Ochuko – Hypocrisy is inexpensive. Liked the way you put it bro..
    @Undercover07 — Very true.. Sometimes we merely look to titles to define us.. Rather than our actions……
    @LoloBloggs — I tend to agree largely with the 'dump religion'. Guess the other question would then be what defines the context and content of our spiritual relationship with God.. Your underlying point is very valid though.. It is about action not perception and is first personal before it even becomes public
    @JustDoyin.. I agree… LoloBloggs made a valid point…
    @Brokeass — LOL True… I agree entirely..
    @Naijagirl — Religion and having a relationship with God are two different things in my opinion. We have lost the true sense of what a true religion ought to be
    Very true..
    @Tigeress — Guess the beauty, or danger, of words is that they can be taken out of context and used to support almost any position whatsoever. People like William Willberforce also used the Bible to defend their position on the abolution of slavery..
    @Parakeet — I would be the first to admit that its so not easy… But then nothing good comes easy…. Or does it?
    @Kemi Penelope — Ah.. that report has to be the official report that matters in the long run.. I wonder………I'm good today though.. Very good.. Thanks!
    @Original Mgbeke — I couldn't have summarized it better!
    @Pink-Satin — Yup.. Talk is cheap.. Actually living it out is where the rubber hits the road!


  12. Well said… A lot of things simply defies logic in Nigeria.
    Like oil, I don't believe the religious tenacity has helped Nigerians much. If anything, it has given a few individuals liberty to accumulate wealth at the expense of many. More than that, it has helped produce a very complacent society where prayer takes care of everything. God gave us mouths to pray and brains to think… if something doesn't seem right people need to actively do things about it.
    God will judge all the people who squandered Nigeria's resources. However, he will not spare all of us who turned the other way instead of doing something about it.


  13. RustGeek baba…true talk o..
    even 90% is too much ..if 30% are true to their proffession..there will be a difference..
    help Lord..
    @ sleekiest…well said, mouths to pray and brains to think..fine,..but for as many people like me that dont think their life has anything to do with being "an activist".i'm afraid prayer is were i'll stop…


  14. @LovePaprika — At least we can try… And make a good effort of it.. Not fold our hands and pretend to try I'd say..
    @Sleekiest — I agree.. Brains to think… I would add and voices to speak..
    @Simeone — LOL.. True.. even an infectious 1% would make a real difference……. LOL @ stopping at prayer!


  15. You know what, I agree with you 100%.

    How do I try to differ from the rest?

    Well by aiming to increase the number of people that remember me in their daily prayers. This I try to achieve by daily increasing the number of thank 'yous' I receive.

    You can not do good and not receive a thank you, can you?


    by the way…this template is really really good….hmmmm (just got an idea) God bless you (and I mean it)


  16. Religion is indeed the problem. On social networks , you see people claim one religion or the other, but by the time you go through their photos and hear some of the shenanigans they proudly prattle on about, you know that , that religion is just a title they claim,land is exactly that, Religion, a ceremony you observe on the ordained day, and "do what thou wilt" every other day of the week.

    As a christian , it annoying having so many people misrepresent the faith, by living lives, holding ideals and adopting worldviews and lifestyles that are blatantly in opposition to the life Christ lived or the example he set out for us.

    Christianity is a responsible lifestyle, and sadly, as many huge churches and ministries we have in naija, many people are just attending church and holding the title of christian, but it is not seen in their lives.

    YES, it's only by God's Grace , that we can live a Holy life, but "shall we continue in sin, so that grace may continue"

    Yeah ,I know ive gone a lil off point

    GREAT POST RustGeek


    1. Very true bro…… And I would say the buck starts with me too……..If I have modeled the life the right way, perhaps I would have convinced more people to be more authentic………


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