On “Living A Soulful Life”

I’ve always had a not too complementary view of the intellectual capabilities of most musicians.. But John Legend made a lot of sense in his commencement address at his Alma Mater (The University Of Pennsylvania). I don’t agree explicitly with everything he says especially about blurring the lines between absolutes, but he made sense overall. Enjoy…

17 thoughts on “On “Living A Soulful Life”

  1. i've changed my mind
    i think your post should be in a much wider column yes it is wider than the other three columns but still it doesn't seem like it is the center of our focus so maybe another inch or so

    i don't know

    about Legend
    it was like a song,
    he doesn't know how to talk anymore, it was like he was singing, each sentence seemed to be melodically connected to the previous one

    i agree that we need to find Truth real truth
    but then u are right again
    hmmm i'm with you
    the whole it's not black and white
    it's like he ridiculed the bible a bit for a second, i wasn't feeling that


  2. @Kafo – Yup you did.. Thanks for the feedback on the theme.. Trust it looks and feels a whole lot better now…
    @My Amazing Weight loss story – LOL.. Thanks..
    @Lady A — LOL.. Thanks for stopping by…
    @Blogoratti — Fantastic muscian.. Great speech overall too..
    @funms-the-rebirth — lol @ your assessment of the students sense of humor….
    @BSNC — Took a while for me to agree.. But I do now..
    @Spesh — LOL.. True..


  3. uhhh, I am not a John Legend fan, probably cos I have never taken out time to listen to him. He looked clean and I liked the tone of his speech; speaks good, good teeth, good smile; good speech. Let me listen……There's nothing as boring as these long speeches and I'm glad he made it quite entertaining for the listeners.

    Ok I didnt get him turning the speech into a political speech?I agree with him though, that we need more truth. Who's to say what the truth is? who's to say where the truth is hidden……My children perish cos of ignorance, but the truth will set you free. A commitment to truth is commitment to……; searching for truth is searching for your soul…….You are equipped for making exploits……me likey.

    overall, that was a good speech……I cant believe i took out time to listen to the whole speech. bravo, bravo Naijagirl


  4. Thanks God funms noticed it. I kept wondering why they did not laugh 'cos i caught a couple of jokes in there particularly the one about insomnia. Love John Legend!


  5. I like most of Legend's songs. The students were probably too excited to remember to laugh at his jokes.

    DB, congrats on your new blog site! Which username and password does the old site require? One's wordpress account?

    Enjoy your day.


  6. He's from Ohio…didn't know that!

    First, I loved the simplicity in his speech.

    I agree with this statement he made, "Sometimes there isn't a single answer, but there is always the truth. I don't assume that the truth is always found…it is about accepting that complex problems require complicated solutions…If you know the truth, the truth will set you FREE."

    Just like you, I disagree with him about blurring the lines. Yes, there are usually two choices, perfect opposites. Sometimes people want to think that there is a blurry line between two options…but there really isn't. It all boils down to CHOICE at the end of the day.

    In the search for truth, humanity has become blinded. In the search for perfection, people have been made more imperfect. Now, most importantly, in the search for the meaning of good and evil, people have become confused about whether there really is a God and that He is sovereign and knows everything, while we as humans don't really know everything…and can't know everything.

    PS: Can lil' Wayne really be soulful? Lol.


  7. @Tairebabs — Dude was very aptly named I'd say — LEGEND..LOL
    @readydee — most probably… i'm sure they were dreaming of the autographs they would get signed by the end of the day..
    I've turned the old blog private… So only I will have access to it…. Nothing will get added on there anymore, thought it made sense to just block it off..
    @Jaycee — Yup.. He did make a number of salient points.. Came across as measured and thoughtful.. Only I couldn't whole-heartedly agree with the bit about absolutes…

    Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Hi!
    I'm not really a Legend fan but I'll look out for the speech.
    Pls permit me to be obvious: you make a lot of sense! I totally agree with you on our 'religousity' in Nigeria.
    Well, have a good month.


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