36 thoughts on “Another Twenty Two..

  1. Hey Danny B! Thanks always for the kind words. I had been searching for your blog ever since and thank God I have finally seen it.

    About anonymous bloggers…you know I wrote a post on that. You know, right now, I know your real identity! Do you doubt it?


  2. I hope dis is d last time we have to take down and memorize ur blog link b'cuz I am finding it really hard to keep up with u o…anyways congratulobia! On d new development…but remember what dis mean? Yes o…daily blogging until u rise…LOL


  3. Why cnt I see the post ehn? Oga DB all this constant moving me I don tire o! shoooo! U r lucky we lurv u o if not we for don jabo u since…tke ya time!…lol

    Congrats on this new improvement!!!


  4. danny…i don tire…y u dey change blogsite like you change woman and clothes…

    P.S. when did u have time to design ur new site?? i hope uve been studying hard oh!!

    Tell d guy to take heart…he shud go practise more..


  5. Will have to update ur link AGAIN! (lol). So I've been initiated into this Twitter thingy now…I've got my eyes on youuuuuuu!

    About the 22 words…eyahhhh!


  6. I was just searching for about this when I came upon your blog post. I'm simply dropping by to say that I truly enjoyed reading this post, it is very clear and well written. Are you going to post more about this? It appears like there's more material here for future posts.


  7. are u going to move again

    loving the website
    okay i will add this one to my blogroll
    just joking

    i think he got blown off


  8. Danny boy! I just had to represent! Hmm…have to work on my blogroll again. No wahala sha, as long as it's you.
    As for "he", he DEFINITELY got blown off. Happens so many times, I should know…


  9. lol was he slow or just trying to play it cool?

    now i've got to update my link. hopefully this will be RustGeeks permanent home:)
    when i grow up i want to have a dotcom just like you.


  10. @Gochi — Apparently he was blown of.. I dunno…
    @Spesh — LOL.. Just moved to a custom domain.. That's all…LOL
    @Seye — LOL.. U were rightg 'bruv.. Thankfully, not everyone has the depth of your resources!
    @Kemi — Final abode? Possibly.. Everyday blogging? Not sure Sis!
    @Nice Anon — LOL.. In retrospect it was funny.. Dude almost lost it at the time..
    @Undercover07/BSNC — It must be an internet explorer thingy.. Will try to get the dude to do some extra work..
    @GoodNaijaGirl — LOL.. Quite possibly.. Who know if I shall still be blogging in a year's time?
    @Rene — LOL. No big stories — Dude got blown big time!
    @Brokeass — LOL.. Dude got blown off of ocurse…


  11. @Kay9 — Its feeling just right already bruv..
    @Caleb — LOL.. Thanks for stopping by.. U know the admiration is mutual right?
    @Joicee — LOL.. Maybe not… But it was loaded none the less…
    @Latifa –LOL.. Hmm.. your imagery is…………….. I dunno.. LOL.. Hopefully its the last move in a long while..
    @Confessions of a London Gal — Thanks….. Nice to know you like it..
    @Jaycee — Guess a welcome to twitterland is appropriate then.. I shall endeavor to be on my best behavior forthwith!
    @Chi-Chi — Hmm.. At least I know I'm not now the guy in the post.. Was I once the guy?……Thinking…
    @Original Mgbeke — LOL.. Thanks.. Dude was so dense he only spotted he was blown off after much rumination
    @How I lost Thirty Pounds…. Thk for stopping by..
    @Kafo.. LOL… Soweeee.. Hopefully its the last time…..
    @Naughty Eyes .. LOL. Very true man.. Hew was blown off..
    @Ag — LOL.. Thanks for stopping by..
    @Fantasyqueen — LOL.. When you grow up? I was wishing to be a fantasy King when I grow up..
    @Vera Ezimora — Hahaha.. Sowee o.. Abeg still update the link — for the lsat time now! LOL

    Thanks peeps for stopping by.. Much appreciated!


  12. congrats Danny. it took me a while to get the hang of the site. Its only a person like Danny that would make me keep posting until my post is accepted…..mschew!!! carry time oo
    Please stay here for a while cos like some said, the movement is making me dizzy.

    @post….when a gurl uses that phrase….hmmm, two things are involved. see, why i would hate "BUT" if i was a guy. The next move from the girl is to place the guy in the friend zone. next you will be hearing "you are my friend, i cant date you. i dont date my friends"


  13. @naijagirl — LOL.. At least you found your way around it eventually……..You're right though.. as far as I remember the dude in question got shipped into the 'best friends' category….

    @AndrwBoldman — WOW.. Thanks a million man…

    @Omo Oba — Hmm…. Unfortunately no thoughts…………LOL


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