32 thoughts on “On injustices too blatant to ignore…

  1. Your comments on the post were very well presented, DB. And yes: if you commit a crime, you should expect to pay for it!


  2. I'm really numb. First the Niger Delta, now this. It's issues like this that make me wish i had superhuman powers; go after the ass-wipe that did this and make him wish he'd never been born.

    I'm gonna circulate this story as wide as i can; that's the least i can do to fight wickedness and rights violations like these.


  3. hmmmm in the end God will win and justice will prevail. Hope is found often in the darkest places.


  4. I feel if you do the crime, you definately have to pay! I understand the mothers reaction and letting God judges but while he still lives and breathes in this world he needs to be punished ultimately.


  5. Yes what we sow we reap. But the thing is when the reaping starts to take place, it does not only affect us. it affects innocent parties as well. 😦


  6. Yeah culprits need to be corrected which is why we have the justice system/department. corruption occuring in that department is another ball game altogether.

    another question should be….is death penalty a good punishment for some offenders?


  7. I like that you separate fate from destiny. There is something to be said for trying to account for the idea that we can sometimes fail to fulfill our destiny.
    RustGeek.com – go to my favorites!!!


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