Of Doctors, Lawyers and Keeping my sanity…

Edit — Just so you know, I have nothing against Lawyers and Doctors… Its just that they make me want to tear my hair out  sometimes…. Its nothing personal.. LOL

Quite frankly if it were possible to be ‘cursed’ with doctors and Lawyers – I think I would have that curse….

My mum is a closet doctor – maybe the disappointment of missing out on medical school made her over compensate – but all my young life I was innudated by quasi-medical books – Look Younger, Live Longer, Where there is no Doctor, Every Woman, and a slew of health books by the Seventh Day Adventists; plus all the newspaper cuttings – how smiling adds a year to your life, hyper vitaminosis, drink your way to health and all that ish..

I was primed to read Medicine – no thanks to the pervasive influence of that cringe worthy CBS serial Another Life – watched in greyscale on the push and start National Panasonic Television we had for the better part of 20 years. Thankfully, my Biology teacher, in a rush of hormones, over reacted to a childish prank and ripped whatever fledglinng love I had for Biology from my heart forever. Good thing she did too – my life strategy never fit into the medical school ethic – my mantra has always being to find the most efficient method, the minimum effort required to meet the stated objectives – and then read the irrelevant!

Both my sisters weren’t so lucky! T – topped her class, failed no exams and eventually married a Doctor too.. Little sister M – just got inducted – and picked up from where T left off. Unsolicited diagnoses – early onset ME when I play tiredness as an excuse to end the phone call, requiring an electrocardiogram when I complain of minor palpitations, juvenile athritis when I complain of sore joints, I’m sure you get the drift. Two cousins also went through Med School!

Even friends got into the act – E got a stethoscope as his 11th birthday gift! O is Paediatrics Registrar at my sister’s hospital. Even my Naija Pastor is a doctor.. My non-existent love life is not much better – two of three conundrums are Meds! Thankfully Miss Safety is an investment banker — quite a breath of fresh air!

Oh and the lawyers! Boy oh boy! Miss T – Corporate Lawyer in PH, FB crush – Corporate Lawyer in Edinburgh, Miss Funky – just out of Law School… Mi – two years out of Law School… And when my Mum decides to grab a second degree — you bet — she had to get a Law degree! I never cease to be amazed at how ‘blessed’ I am to have all these people around me especially as I a underserving of them all!

Quite frankly, the next time I meet someone, or get introduced – after I get the name the next question will be “Surely you’re not a lawyer – or a doctor for that matter”. Else I shall not even bother collecting a phone number!

42 thoughts on “Of Doctors, Lawyers and Keeping my sanity…

  1. hahahaha oh man… poor Danny you….hahaha. I ams sorry I couldnt help but laugh and laugh some more. its like the expectations of every naija parent for their kids to study either law or medicine, preferably medicine.

    when you talked of the quasi medicine; i presumed you meant the act of prscribing medications and diagnosing themselves by naija parents, even without seeing a chemist not to talk of a doctor.

    good one Danny…..be kind to the Doctor/lawyer future potentials.


  2. LOL!…Guess you escaped by a Hair's breath…lol..
    This is because most parents aspire for their children to study professional courses…


  3. I was 2 weeks away from starting a law degree before i did a total u-turn. My parents were devastated cos all their children as intelligent as they are refused to do medicine/law/engineering. I can only imagine wat xmas dinner in your house would be like


  4. lollls
    I guess your family is quite similar to many naija families I know.If it is not medicine ,then maybe law or something along those lines..

    Biko dont say no to potentials that could be doctors or lawyers o…afterall it is just an occupation


  5. Haa, i fit fit into your circles well well. i can only imagine the family reunions! when all those Medicos come together dey talk medical terms….oh yea, i`ve been there.


  6. No wonder u keep making us reach for dictionary and thesaurus when readin' your blog…lol.

    But u really r blessed to have them tho'…cos in one way or another they have left permanent foot-prints in your life…


  7. Docs and lawyers are very handy people to have around. Do you find that most of the advice you receive from them is solicited?

    When I hear of med school, I think of my schoolgirl dreams. I think I'm still trying to find that occupation that makes me truly happy! Oh to be independently wealthy and be able to return to school…but for what?

    Have a great weekend


  8. LOL, don't worry, it will pay off! Most of my friends are in med school and I'm just like ok when I grow up, y'all finna give me FREE medical check-ups, deliver my babies, do my surgeries. Ha Ha Ha!
    Can't say that I know too many lawyers tho. Although that was what I studied in my Naija uni. Totally came to Yanks and veered off in a totally different direction. ha ha Ha


  9. Chai, ndo!
    I studied Law, but don't practice. Do I escape your mini-wrath?

    I feel your pain though, My Father's family are 80% lawyers. Like alllllll of them. The entire family has a name in the legal profession. You can imagine the thunder and lightening when I said I'm not doing with you! LOL!


  10. @Optimisitc_alyzz — LOL.. U were first.. Which kain grammar? Na pidgin we dey talk for house o!
    @Nice Anon — Haha — Grammar ke?
    @Rene — Unsolicited diagnoses can quite possibly make one lose it.. Especially the myalgic encephalomyelitis one
    @naijagirl — LOL.. U know every — We used to have an inside joke that we had just consulted with the CEO of Mommy College of Medicine!
    @Tigeress — LOL.. U never know until you try u know..
    @Rose — LOL.. Quite more than a hair's breadth my dear… I escape by a volkswagen bettle's tire breadth!
    @Kemi Penelope — LOL… Sisterly.. My head just big small for hia o.. Thx…
    @Jayla — Suprisingly its anti-climatic — Maybe cos we all don't get to be home at the same times anymore….


  11. @Joicee — Quite true.. Kid bro put his foot down and went for Economics against all advice.Dude's doing great now at the moment tho.. Thkfully..
    @Chayoma — LOL.. I have always managed to escape really mega family reunions… Except for the one in April, where my iPod saved my ears.. (I pretended to be listening to my lectures)
    @funms-the-rebirth — LOL.. Sadly I used to be a blacksheep in many more ways than one….But hey, I've also done good by myself too.. eventually..
    @Writefreak — LOL.. Not quite the blacksheep anymore though.. More like the grey sheep..
    @UnderCover 07 — Quite possibly..Even I, in my wildest moments of razzness, do agree that I owe them anyways..
    @Scarlet — LOL… Sadly……All though newly graduated doctors will get a chance to impress as long they don't offer unsolicited diagnoses…. LOL
    @GoodNaijaGirl — Mostly unsolicited advice.. Which makes it al the more difficult to swallow.. But maybe they have my best interests at heart anyways…
    @Original Mgbeke — LOL… Now that might be an dvantage afterall — Free check ups, free representation in court.. Hmm.. but if they feel you wronged the, they might pull the plug in the clinic and pretend it was a relapse o…
    @Carmel Delight — Well.. Kind of… As long as I don't get ot hear nay o the legal mumbo jumbo..
    @Kafo — LOL.. Not hating on the SDA books o… Loved them infact.. Read them.. still read them till now too..


  12. Ah, but can any of them build a bridge or run a nuclear power plant??!

    Don't worry Danny, you're still the big man in the scenario, according to my father, Eng. LoloBloggs' Daddy Esq. (trust me my Dad often puts esq. after his name), engineering is the profession of a true man…. 🙂


  13. Hehehee Danny, Danny. So u dey do strong-head for yo popsie, eh? Oya come here, 20 lashes for you 😀

    Man, my dad almost forced me into going for Medicine. Well, i was 18 and it sure as hell was time for me to put ma feet down. Thing literally turned our house into a minor battle field – i'm the first-born, see; no one had ever opposed Area General's decrees in his own house before. in the end, an uncle stepped in and i got the green-light to follow my heart's desire. Haha!


  14. Oh we had all the quasi medical books too. Where there is no doctor!!! lol. You should be thankful. Now you can get into fights at will, if someone breaks your head you'll get treated for free, if someone drags you to court, you'll get represented for free.


  15. @LoloBloggs — LOL.. Very comforting…. Ah you father is the type of person I would be willing to buy a complimentary bottle of red wine for! Correct persin
    @Lady D/Diane — Which one be the korret name o? I ended up forced to live my life amongst tubes and kilns – all in the name of an Engineerinng degree
    @Brokeass — You're welcome.. Thx for stopping by.. Quite an interesting blog you've got too… You could say that I THINK.. that's what I do..LOL
    @Kay9 — LOL.. No be small something o… But norrin do me, I survive am..
    @poeticallytinted — LOL….Not sure abt the fights though… Treatment will be free, but the pain will still have to be borne me thinks..

    Thanks for stopping by peeps!


  16. ooh oooh, …here comes another lawyer!!! Yes I am a lawyer too. My mum wanted me to be a doctor though but I have been told I am a hypochondria so that didn't work out too well especially when we were studying body parts in biology and all body arched.


  17. @Tairebabs — LOL….The Lawyers are slowly cathcing up with the Meds then… Phew…. Wahala brewing it seems..
    @Nigerian DramaQueen — Ah — not again? But if you can guarantee not to bring up the legal ramifications of drinking hot coffee at 12 noon, we might just be fine..LOL


  18. Hmm i think that's discrimination lol and its unfair. I'm a lawyer too turn politician one day 🙂 So i've automatically been disqualified from meeting you. lol, its all good though, try give us a chance and u might be pleasantly surprised. what did ur biology teacher do to you? I hated biology too.


  19. @ Omo Oba — LOL.. Not hating any players here.. merely pointing out that all the free legal and medical advice is finally getting to me.. and a moratorium on advice dispensing would not be bad really..


  20. WOndering how i skipped this post:)
    I wasnt forced into medicine, I was one child actively discouraged from reading it, but since I am as stubborn as my dad, I stubbornly refused.
    My older relatives certainly dont seek me out for advice, this small child of yesterday is I guess what runs thro their minds when they look at me!
    Its more an advantage than a disadvantage mehtinks to have some proffesions in the family, but I concur too much of anything is aseju!


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