Sometimes I wonder………………

Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between……………

  • Self-delusion and Dreaming Big
  • Hypocrisy and the Gap Trap
  • Narcissism and Self Esteem
  • Love and Admiration
  • Pragmatism and  Foolhardiness

“If I know the way home and am walking along it drunkenly, is it any less the right way because I am staggering from side to side?

– Leo Tolstoy

33 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder………………

  1. oooh i like this post because there is a difference between delusion and dreaming big especially when you watch the reality singing shows and the people with big dreams but poor singing ability come on.

    So i think between delusion and dreaming is reality. same with the rest between narcissism and self esteem is reality.


  2. Obviously that thin line is the reality that seperates both worlds but ultimately if your focused,just like Tolstoy observed,swayin from side to side,u will still in the end get to where your goin..The ultimate word is vision..immerse yourself in it and if you see it then you can achieve it…


  3. Why was i imagining rapping to DMX's sometimes i wonder when reading this? Was your intent to rap with this lyrics/words when you typed them up?
    you know i was gonna answer some of those wonders, but it has got me thinking too… and admiration you say?there is a thin line between these two.
    self delusion and thinking big?…me think, every thinking big is considered self delusion by another person.
    narcisstic is just shere selfishness….me, me, me. Uhm, what was the other one? self esteem is more of confidence. hmmm, how about self esteem and cockiness


  4. I guess the differnce between each is our ability as individuals to discern between what we feel…and what is real…To embrace reality…and seperate it from wishful thinking,or daydreams…

    Leo Tolstoy…Really brought to mind alot of things with his quote….


  5. you want me to start cracking my head now abi, i refuse to crack my head, does it matter what i comment about as long as i comment( that's my interpretation of Leo Tolstoy quote lol)


  6. whatever logical ans i come up with sounds so illogical when i play back.

    im sure figuring out the differences have kept scholars locked behind closed doors.
    i'll leave it to them to find out and read the published journals 🙂


  7. I agree with Rose…

    "If I know the way home and am walking along it drunkenly, is it any less the right way because I am staggering from side to side"?

    the quote raises an interesting question…my answer is NO, it is no less the right way bcos u r staggering from side to side…but ur drunkenness will slow u down and delay ur getting home, that is if u don't end up in the gutter…lol


  8. Okay i have got to agree with naijagirl on this one…
    my dreaming big to an observer may be a delusion…
    But like Jazmine Sullivan's dream big (did i say i love that song! i DO)," i have got to dream big, coz when it happens,it's go'n happen real quick"!
    Many big dreams of today were seen yesterday as delusions by others.
    Love and Admiration…hmm, two different things, althou to love you have got to admire, but doesn't necessarily work the other way around!
    i am stopping here oh!
    i don try abi?


  9. That Quote from the Tolstoy guy was very deep. Vintage DB…

    @ tigeress..I don't now if the drunken man even though he knows the way home, staggering from side to side will get home…there are a lot of what ifs….He may actually pass his house without knowing is imperative that whatever we do in life, we do it with a clear head and clear eyes.. Even though he knows the way home, the manner of the journey…police fit arrest am for loitering..abi?


  10. Narcissism and self esteem… I dunno. Sometimes, they're one and the same. But the narcissist always says he just has a high self esteem. Self delusion and dreaming big… dunno. They say if you can dream it, you can be it. But they also say one should wake up from dreams, for dream are merely dreams, not reality. Love and admiration… depends on the kind of love, I guess. If it's doing you yori-yori in your heart, it's probably love. LOL.


  11. Narcissism and Self Esteem: Narcissim is all about one's ego and arrogance….self esteem is what i know i have to offer….. i'd rather have self esteem than be narcissistic………..

    at the end of the day, finding ur way home is what matters whether i stagger or walk straight


  12. ……….nice one. Something to ponder.
    My take on this is to believe in yourself and cared less of what others have to say. Mind you, the only 'fact' that matters is yours, same as 'reality'. Dream Big, be real to your self, have a high self esteem, be in love with you and be pragmatic with it all.


  13. narcissism vs. self esteem is the one that really jumps out at me as being shades of grey. please xplain what the gap trap is.


  14. @Robyn — LOL.– U did. eventually.. Thanks for stopping by..
    @K — Hmmm.. Whilst I woul tend to agree, some people would say our version of reality is what stifles usin the first place…
    @TigEress — LOL.. Very true.. It also speaks to people who think that adhenrents of beliefs who fail to live out their liturgy are not an excuse to rule out the belief..
    @Trybes — Hmmm.. Vision….. Truwe. But then what is the measure of the sanity of the vision?
    @Orginal Mgbeke — Maybe its so thin that to all intents and purposes, its only a question of what side of the line you are observing the character traits from..
    @Naijagirl — every thinking big is considered self delusion by another person. I tend to agree…
    @Kafo — LOL… Aight come back then..
    @Roc — A question of perspective?
    @Caramel Delight — I tend to agree with your view tho…


  15. @Rose — LOL… Very pragmatic postion you take..Me like!
    @Optimisitc_alyzzz — LOL.. Very true.. Its a free world my dear..
    @Fantasy Queen — LOL.. Division of labour? Very pragmatic!
    @Crazytots — LOL.. U sure?
    @Just Doyin — LOL at end up in the gutter…. At least the guy kept moving… He'll get home eventually….
    @Chayoma — Love and Admiration…To love you have got to admire, but doesn’t necessarily work the other way around!.. I agree…
    @Dante — Hillarious.. Police…… Obviously Tolstoy didn't consider them!
    @LuciousRon .. LOL… Maybe…
    @Blogoratti — I tend to agree with you..
    @Confessions of a London Gal — Hmm.. Thin line there……Very thin line!
    @Chichi– Tolstoy does that ot me all the time!
    @deola — LOL.. That makes at least two of us then.


  16. @Vera — If it’s doing you yori-yori in your heart, it’s probably love. LOL... Only you would have put it that way!
    @funms-the-rebith —At the end of the day, finding ur way home is what matters whether i stagger or walk straight.. The crux of the matter?
    @Naughty Eyes — LOL…. No worries…
    @babajidesalu– My take on this is to believe in yourself and cared less of what others have to say... Hmmm.. fod for thought I dare say..
    @Omo Oba — Maybe.. The 'Gap Trap' is being stuck in the limbo land between where one aims to be and where one is at the moment.. Guess the best explanation would be faith based.. One could say he/she is a Xtian – yet still have loads of habits from the past.. Guess the wonder was where the line got drawn between simple hyposcrisy and genuinely strivinng to change..

    Thanks peeps for stoppinng by.. .Much appreciated


  17. If i met Tolstoy, i think i'd like him. He seems to like beer – like me. We'll stagger home together; hell, we'll get there when we get there 😀


  18. I like the gap trap idea. I think most of us are caught there. Admiration and love I think are quite different. I admire many people but I don't love them. Thanks for stopping by my blog BTW.


  19. @kay9 — LOL… Except that dude wasn't really a beer guy tho.. He used the analogy to silence critics who felt that his failure to be a good christian made the faith useless…
    @Lauri — Aww.. Thx for stopping by


  20. Love- Admiration
    You may admire a person, but that's as far as it goes, you don't necessarily want to be in a relationship with them. That's where love comes in.

    Self Delusion vs Thinking Big
    The self deluded , just lie back and dream, expecting it to fall into their laps

    The big thinker, open up their minds to how they can make it happen, they search possibilities and here the big difference TAKE PRACTICAL STEPS

    Self Esteem Vs Narcissism
    I think the difference here is in SE, the person, knows who they are ,and does not need external validation, nor do they feel the need to make sure everyone knows
    Narcassism. they are usually attention junkies, they are always checking themselves out, and always want people to acknowledge their looks.

    In m personal experience, the irony is The girls that should be narcissistic, because they are like 7 or 8 on a 1- 10 looks scale, are extremely modest, but those that are barely pushing a 4 , are so in your face about it. Very humorous indeed.


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