Dancing to the heady beats of many drums;
Beguiled into believing I’ve filled my place,
I glide then bow, to rapturous applause.
When all I have done was save my face.

Deep down I know it’s all a sham, a façade,
That gloomy place where make believe is hailed,
And truth is lost in a swirl of dust, a charade,
Where light, like sight, is blurred by drums of ale.

I strain to hear the still small notes of flutes,
Amidst the bedlam that drowns out reason’s song.
To yield to the tug of age old roots
In spite of lures that seem so loud, so strong.

I want to dance to the tune that will find me,
Cos’ then I may become all that I can be

11 thoughts on “Untitled….

  1. We all really need to find that tune. Our tune(s). Whatever rocks our boat(s). It could rock the boat(s) of others too, but make sure it's your tune.


  2. @Rene — LOL.. Very true.. I'm sure at different stages we all can feel like we are perfroming life..instead of living it..@Rose — Hopefully it does..@Lady D — WOW.. Thanks…@Ochuko — Still owe you one.. Just mentally lazy it seems.. Thanks for stopping by..


  3. Ah i see what you mean DB!All goes with finding one's vibe-just like the man in the yellow coat eh?Thanks for dropping by mine's.


  4. Come and marry me now so that you can write lovely poems for me like this everyday. This is beautttttttttiful. Still pondering on ur words.


  5. @Blogoratti — Yup… Finding one's own vibe is critical — only then can we resonate…@ScoopsNija — LOL.. I wish I could.. Only I don't write stuff this good everyday.. Unfortunately you would be bored very quickly! Thanks for stopping by….@Bunnmy — LOL… I wish I could.. I'm a lousy dancer myself…..@Optimistic_alyzz — Thanks..


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