8 days and then…..

Sorry peeps — Had my hands so full that I barely had the time to read blogs or even comment.. Thanks y’all for the love you continue to show…

So I’ve got 8 days to the big kick off.. The final exams that would go a long way to determine how successful my high stakes gamble to head back to school was.. Spent the better part of last week studying intensely, and I sense I’m slowly getting into the ZONE.. That place where all that’s left is a cold appreciation of the task ahead and quiet optimism that you’ve given it your best shot!

So bring it on….. The second leg of the BaGucci vs NU grudge match commences

I don’t know if its burn out, but I feel like I’ve lost my writinng mojo… Maybe some exam duty might force the cranial jucies to flow yet again….