On the drudgery of study….

Totally unintelligible post alert!

Mehn… I tire for this book marra o…. Oyinbo sef talk say ‘all work and no play go turn persin to jackie’… Na im make me come try yarn some small okpata;Β  make e no come be like say I dey turn kolo……Shey una grab? No min’ me o.. I just dey try clear my ogor, make small space for correct book fit still dey… Aftera.. I no thief persin certificate o.. Dem no dey die put jare!

Ehen….. But why to dey read book come hard pass to dey read blog sef? Abi no be the same English? Or una dey putt jaaaaz for hand take dey write? If na jaaaaaz make una bring small make i take write exam o… Make my Prof just dey believe all the odus wey I dey float give am!

Mscheeeew… Make i go try read again sha… Make my mama moni no loss… U know every na… Cos if the moni looooss,Β  na full community go feel the yawa o!!!!

Anyhoos.. I don waka o… Shee u later!

42 thoughts on “On the drudgery of study….

  1. read oooo!
    HAHAHAHAHHA…im done skooooool!
    oya…may God guide u in ur studying…nd cause his face to shine upon u..
    All d best hunny!


  2. chai… na pidgin u crack so? guy 'u r not happy' ooo.. shuooo!!
    infact your ogor don sniff many tins oo – both blog and book. As for me, na jazz i dey use attract pple for my blog. if u nid my jaaaz, u go nid wake up by 12midnite come carry ur book read till 5sharp evryday…
    no go turn to jackie ooo…
    Notin mega!! LOL… all d best man πŸ™‚


  3. lol the end is near! And I mean that in a non-apocalyptic way.

    You're managing to get first on a number of blogs despite this studying you speak of though…

    Happy studying! I expect you to ace everything!


  4. Lmao…@ sweetlovin' not understanding most of the post.

    Erm Bros DB for u to come tear pidgin english from start to finish e mean say the book marra rili don tire u…lol…wahala no dey; make u jst tke am eazi…life na jeje. Ur mama money no go loss…no be u? Na u naa so norrin dey happen! Plus Baba God dey gidigba for ur back so no shaking!

    But na true u talk sha o, say e dey easy to read blog pass book! If I jst open book like dis na dat time sleep go jst dey catch me…but ode shi, I must to read…lol



  5. lol

    calm down my bros… na so de thing dey be sometimes… how we for do?

    go read abeg make all of community moni com loss! all join… we know every….

    when exams finish we go still dey here… remember, we be ya people everly…. no be by jazz… or by laffs…. na jus true talks


  6. sorry..try read ya book oo. u know say na why we send u go jand lol
    how far? I no see ur brake light for my blog. we dey quarrel?


  7. Amen to Countessa's prayer…

    As 1 who has gone thru the process u describe, I'll say, I do understand how u must be feeling now, but it'll surely come to an end, as all things usually do, and when it's over, you'd proudly wave that cert in the air…don't worry, ur mama moni no go loss…lol.

    All the best with ur exams/course work/dissertation…make sure u bring that distinction home to the blogsville oh…

    And of cos it's easier to read blog than accademic books because the former is more interesting (ish)…lol.


  8. @Blogoratti — Yes o.. I heard that the old template reminded certain people of hell fire – with the black and orange theme!
    @Lati — Thank you jare… I don already dey survive sef..
    @Rose — Correct persin.. Thank you o jare…
    @BSNC — Na tru you talk o.. Na small small persin go take do this book work, make kolo no go enter… Like all thos ebois wey dem dey everly pick up for Law Faculty those days for B-side..
    @Gee — Good for you o.. Yet a little while and I shall be like thee.. Free lieka bird!
    @Sweetlovin' — LOL.. Sad.. Its just a rant in in pidgin English.. Nothinng particularly sublime in what I said this time.. LOL
    @Os(c)uko – That jazz come hard pass the real work sef.. Sho…. Loong thing..
    @GNG — Thanks.. I'm fired up just a wee bit more to ace the thinng jare!
    @Lucious Ron — U know every na..


  9. lol ehen thank God you know. two people even craze recently again, one in medicine, the other one i can't remember again..

    everything na jeje for this life oo


  10. Hang in there!!!! You can do it! Go team DB!!! Woo hoooo!! [currently doing cheerleader high kick routine to rally your spirits, highly dangerous as my room is not that big]


  11. @Undercover07 — Ah. u sef dey write exam ni? God pass dem.. We must to pass jare..
    @tyger — Na true u talk my sister.. Ah.. yr pidgin sef tap o.. abi dem dey give pidgin tutorial for the jand? I fit dey give o.. Make I take add join the community moni o.. LOL
    @dante — haba.. how we go quarrel? I don rectify… sharply..U know I am your biggest fan…
    @Countessa — Amen, Amen, amen, Amen!!!!.. Thank you jare.. Better persin.. I go tell Mummy say u pray berra prayer for me..
    @JustDoyiin.. Amen O.. Valid point about the blogs being infinitely more interesting..
    @BSNC — Ah.. even recent gist sef… Na every year dem dey carry ppl in those days o… LOL
    @Feddie Girl — Thanks a million… Gonna be over soon…
    @Caramel Delight — Go team DB…. LOL. .Thanks a lot.. Err.. eays on the cheerleader routine.. You don't want us concerned that about the lead cheerleader's health u know..

    Thanks peeps, just needed to decongest my head I'm chuffed…


  12. Hia! Make ya moni no loss o becos if di moni loss dem go tok say dem send DB to obodo oyinbo and hin waste hin papa school fees. Nna ehn bros, i bin dey tok…if to say to jack for exam dey as sweet as to dey read these blogs on blogger, na straight A1 wey man pikin for just carry dey go. Dis one, na F9 wey you wan wrestle with, if you no read ya book. Hang in thia my bros! We thank God say we don dey find God, 'cos if na the ol' days we for try organize that expo runs. Yarramingggg. LOL


  13. Danny my son, I sent you to school , you dont know how to spell your name!
    Make community money no waste o!
    Face your book and STOP reading blogs! πŸ™‚

    You need to let out steam some times o jare
    Hope you have been able to read somethings
    Pele, you go soon finish, come dey do shakara say I don get another degree


  14. Sorry o!!!
    Na you carry your hand fill form say you wan go school…and na you go finish wetin you start o!(amen on that!!!)
    Don't worry na matter of time…biko read o! make community moni no enter fire!!!


  15. Oya, come collect Jaaaz. Na red clot, fowl wey dem don pluck all im hair comot, lizard eyez and fish teeth you go carry come oh. Your professor go just craze come dey give you A A A. Dat kain tin!


  16. Get off blogville and go and read your books jor! LOL, don't worry it will soon be over. I know the feeling – reading textbooks vs reading blogs, it's just not the same! All the best with your exams!


  17. Okay, so I need to take broken english 101 😦 …..but from the comments I'm gonna guess studying and reading textbooks. Pele, the semester is almost over what a few more weeks if not days for some? But I must say I don't miss studying! Good luck


  18. @Tairebabs — LOL.. Between yesterday, I did cover a lot of useful ground.. The prognosis for the community has significantly improved!
    @OM — LOL.. U sure dem go dey use CCTV invigilate for that side? Chukwuli fit rob o last last…
    @RoyKeane — The real hard tackling infamous RoyKeane or is this another? LOL.. Thanks for stopping by..
    @macie — Yeah, we all do… Guess the key is how we handle it..
    @Olufunke — LOL.. NO be so the song take end o.. Haba… This ya version get k-leg! For the joy of the shakara wey I go do, I dey persevere!
    @Crazytots — LOL.. Amen o..na to come put stuff for the head come remain sha..
    @NoLimit — Na true sha — Na me beg to apply.. God pass dem them o jare.. I go pass.. well well sef!
    @MY — Tags.. Lets see what gives.. I might find it therapeutic when I need to de-clutter!
    @Writefreak — LOL… Thanks.. I've put in a decent shift between yesterday and today..


  19. @Poeticallytinted — Wo.. This ya jazz na the final one o… I go try am as last resort if norrin else gell..
    @neema — LOL.. Another tag — Filed it inn my inbox for future action.. Thanks for stopping by…
    @Favoured Giirl — LOL.. Thanks.. Have cleared quite a lot of the backlog too.. Thanks for stopping by..
    @Temite — Oh yeah.. YES I CAN!
    @Rayo — LOL.. Unfortunately we have to demonstate competence thru exams…. sad!
    @Frankie — Hey.. Good to have you up and about.. I wouldn't miss studying either!.


  20. EHm. why are you on wordpress? Lol. Looks weird. Harder to read, like the template though πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Also, you are such a nice person, you answered all the plenty questions those nosey people asked you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ he he he. reference: post below.


  21. @mimi — lol… Nice template, I agree… don't know about how to make it more legible though…
    @Butercup — LOL.. I've made somme more progress since this post though.. LOL


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