The Mid-life Crisis – well sort of…

Sometimes clarity hits you suddenly, at other times the obvious slowly becomes apparent. I don’t quite know any more which case my epiphany was – bottom line though is that at some stage I finally realized that I had the beginnings of a mid life crisis in hand. On the surface though, life was great – good prospects, nice reputation, the whole nice guy persona, great friends and a life most people would envy. The harsh reality though is that life couldn’t be farther than that!

In some ways, I feel like I’m 21 again; except that this time the care free, happy-go-lucky attitude has been replaced by some trepidation at what the future holds and a whole lot of confusion as to what the next steps should be.
Here’s me – hoping I find myself again.. Somewhere, someplace, soon!


When its all been said and done
And the sums have all been done.
When the music has been stopped;
And the dance floor has been cleared
Will I have danced in my own place,
Or merely saved my face?