My very own ‘Bachelor’s Conundrum’

I’m at a crossroad of sorts — not life threatening, not even 5-year-plan shaking just yet, but a conundrum nonetheless…

There is the gravitation towards SAFETY; the attraction to the proverbial tried and tested terra firma, then there is the lure of ADVENTURE; the exhilarating heights that finally conquering some not so far-flung terra incognito promises, and then there is the potential SATISFACTION that finally decomposing a thorny problem promises…

Which way shall I turn, or shall I just bury my head in the sand and pretend its a midsummer’s night dream from which I shall awake with Technicolor clarity. Or just maybe these are the first steps to yet another analysis paralysis debacle…..

55 thoughts on “My very own ‘Bachelor’s Conundrum’

  1. @UnderCover07 — LOL.. I'm sure Readydee didn't mean any slight.. Just her serious side shining thru……….Take am easy o!!!!!

    @NE — LOL……. I didn't choose eventually, apparently I was jumping the gun anyways…… I'lljust let them be……. for now that is…


  2. ehen, the conundrum is solved then. who says u cannot eat your cake and have it all?
    PS – na men, u didnt hear that from my mouth. remember, I am pseudo-feminist.


  3. @Omo Oba — LOL @ being pseudo feminist — what does that translate to in real life terms – for a lay man like meself that is…. Not sure about eatng the cake and having it though… Just keeping faith with my plan at the start of the year and scaling down the convos appropriately i guess…


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