Don’t waste……………your mugging!

I heard John Piper tell a story in a message today from his “Don’t Waste Your Life Conference” based on the Julio Diaz story…

Apparently the guy’s a social worker and, like all chronic Bachelors, frequents a particular diner for his evening meal on the way back from work on Fridays. On this day, he was ambushed by a would-be mugger. Rather than attempt to struggle, Diaz proceeded to offer his coat, and then dinner to the teenager.

Ultimately, we do not know what happened to the teenager, but I dare say the uncommon show of empathy would have struck a cord in the would-be mugger’s life.

Guess the moral of the story is that even something as potentially dangerous as a mugging could be a chance to make demonstrate the principles of Christ in the real world..

You can read the full story here on the NPR site.

Enjoy this LightHouse family song.. Forever You and Me/ High