And so the elusive 19th runs away….. Yet again!!!!

Guess its finally over now…. Liverpool’s bid for the elusive 19th title has finally imploded, left limping by a collection of draws at home against the stoke citys, fulhams, Hull Citys and co this season, the final blow to severe the jugular seems to have been struck yesterday.. And for good measure, it had to come from an ex-Liverpool player from the Blue half of Manchester……

That leaves the Champions League to look towards — and with the kind of form Barca were in until this weekend, a Real Madrid finally getting into their stride and a host of other decent teams still in with a shout, it could be another long trek back home without any silverware. This summer the Yanks, Rafa, Parry and everyone at this football club needs to take a long hard look at how the season turned out. In a season that was ours for the taking, we imploded in January and handed the initiative to the Mancs….

As my friend Puksi, an Arsenal fan said, maybe we should just content ouselves with winning the titles in Football Manager, cos in the real world the gulf is way too big…….