Name dropping…….. By T-Bone and Eric Dawkins…

Have been listening to a bit of rap music in the past few weeks — decided to explore some other music genres for a change – instead of the rock-esque stuff I’ve largely listened to in the past… Stumbled on this song by T-bone and Eric Dawkins… While the beats are OK, what caught my attention was how he incorporated the names of a number of other Christian peeps into the body of the rap. The words in full CAPS are the names of contemporary christian musicians….. Enjoy…

I woke up in the morning, hungry threw some GRITS on the SKILLET,
Ate JOHN REUBEN’S sandwich with ROD’s PARSLEY and cream spinach,
Got AUDIO ADRENALINE up in my veins eating BILLY GRAHAM crackers while REBECCA’s reading ST. JAMES,
I can only imagine all his love and MERCY on ME, when he died on the cross,
Rose and threw my sins in the sea, open my bible, turn to genesis started reading Told YOLANDA how ADAMS sin got him kicked OUT OF EDEN,
Then went to JEREMY’S CAMP on the 3RD DAY of the week and met this SUPERCHICK that I had been dying to meet,
She wore a WHITECROSS and spoke with a DC TALK accent lived in BUILDING 429 right next to JACI VELASQUEZ,
Was from the OC with SUPERTONE body, she said she stayed in shape cuz it was her temple and GOD’S PROPERTY,
The phone rang, and I had been waiting on CAEDMONS CALL I told HEZEKIAH to WALKER to the HILLSONG mall.

Whether you like hip-hop, punk rock or classic…
We got what ya like if ya listen to it
Turn this up in ya car stereo and blast it…
There aint nothin to do but to do it
We don’t quit, we don’t stop,
Can’t stop singing till we reach top so throw ya hands in the air let your head start bopping,
I’m about to do some name dropping.

Verse 2
Then gave CREFLO a DOLLER just to let me borrow his bible,
Then I looked up and seen this kid TOBY the MAC,
He was a, street kid with no CODE OF ETHICS so I took him to FRED’S HAMMOND eggs spot for breakfast,
He ordered T-BONE and steak and yo my stomach was growling,
I was starving but went ahead and got the SHIRLEY CEASAR salad,
That’s when RAY BOLTZ straight through the door, trying to sell me some JARS OF CLAY he got from el SALVADOR,
I couldn’t afford it if you know what I mean, so I picked up the phone called the REV. AL for some GREEN,
He me gave AMY’S GRANT money, she had for a home and told me pray 4 HIM cuz they owed some money to 12 STONES,
I called STEVEN CURTIS and I asked him to pray, like I do EVERY SUNDAY with RACHAEL LAMPA and RELIENT K.

Verse 3
SMITTY asked me to TAKE 6 of his friends to STEVE’s TAYLOR, to get a EARTHSUIT,
PLUS ONE for BILL GAITHER, jumped in my CARMAN heading toward EAST WEST
And SWITCHFOOTs on the gas so my tires would KUTLESS, that’s when I seen GEOFF MOORE in THE DISTANCE
But these KIDS IN THE WAY kept blocking my vision, jumped on the GRAMMATRAIN,
Then straight OUT OF THE GREY I saw BRYAN DUNCAN his donuts at the PETRA café, I Couldn’t believe it starting feeling DELIRIOUS, but had to spread the good NEWSBOYS to those curious,
There were 10 of them some, really arrogant I told TWILA PARIS and NICOLE “just (ig)NORDAMEN”,
They can’t touch this Gospel sound, so bow down to the king and start CASTING CROWNS,
He’s the, king of kings and lord of lords play this on your i P.O.D. to learn more, About all of his love when he took your place on the cross that’s the very first POINT OF GRACE,
And I really can’t wait until I see his face with KEITH GREEN and RICH MULLINS at the pearly gates.



  1. soul child · February 1, 2009

    it's really nice the way he is mentioning their names….it looks like its a nice song…!


  2. NaijaBabe · February 2, 2009

    fileshare plsssssssss


  3. abujamaiden · February 2, 2009

    I love T-bone….off to listen!


  4. Funms-the rebirth · February 2, 2009

    he sure knows his Christian artists…… nice!


  5. Olufunke · February 2, 2009

    Wow….they are really talentedWondering how they put all the names togetherNice one!


  6. theOOhj · February 2, 2009

    @Soul Child — Kinda like it tho… Looks nice to meah…@NaijaBabe – unfortunately i don't have a particularly high – bit rate version of the song.. you could listen to it off Youtube via the link i posted….@AbujaMaiden — T-Bone definitely has a way with words.. There's an older one he did where we wove excerpts from Eric Dawkins "Wrapped Up", Will Smith's "Wild Wild West" and some other one I can't remember anymore..@Funms — Yea.. he sure does…@Olufunke — The way he wove the names in just got to be…


  7. Teeee · February 2, 2009

    It's a good way to get listener's into other artists' music. The snow is something else…..


  8. Tigeress · February 3, 2009

    I dont know who T-bones and Eric Dawkings are, but i really like the lyrics to this song and the song itself. My teenagers in Church should like this. 🙂


  9. simeone · February 3, 2009

    wow…i'm totally trippping for this….not heard this track before ..even tho i lurv t-bone thanks to the third world factor….lurv this..


  10. GamineChic · February 3, 2009

    Eric Dawkins!!T-Bone yay!!i loooooooooove thisim gona steal it to my music


  11. theOOhj · February 3, 2009

    @Teee — Yup – and so artfully done too.. love the song to bits..@Tigress — I'm sure your teeenagers in church would love it.. Nice beat, nice cadence to the words too IMO@Simeone — Feel u on the third world thinng bro.. Used to have to fly all the way to Lagos from the corner of the world where I worked back in the day just to get to Laterna….. lol….@GamineChic.. Feel free —- Good things are meant to be enjoyed aight? lol


  12. Latifa · February 3, 2009



  13. Afronuts · February 4, 2009

    Wow! Putting that together must have been hardwork for him…and hardwork for you pinpointing the names!


  14. SOLOMONSYDELLE · February 6, 2009

    it just isn't easy to be creative. I have the utmost respect for creative folks.


  15. Rose · February 6, 2009

    Off to


  16. Buttercup · February 6, 2009

    am i mistaken, or was this song sung in the movie Fighting Temptations??


  17. Latifa · February 6, 2009

    seems like the very one…the one w/ the inmates yeah buttercup!


  18. theOOhj · February 6, 2009

    @Buttercup/Latifa.. The Fighting Temptations one is here ….Unfortunately I couldn't finnd a better sounding one versin on youtube.. The Name droppinng one s a video from a compilation of hs best song.. Bone – Apetit


  19. theOOhj · February 7, 2009

    @Afronuts — While I would love to claim the credit for pinpointinng the names, I have to admit I had a lot of hlp from Google..LOL..@Madam SSD… Very true.. Not quite on the scale of setting the fiery emotions of love to the precise metres of a sonnet as Shakespeare did, but comes close IMO.@Rose.. Listen away..LOL


  20. Dabizniz · February 10, 2009

    T-Bone is hot.Have hit compilation album servin up the hits


  21. Walker Bergert · April 9, 2010

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