On Liverpool and a contentious Super Bowl Ad…….

Can’t seem to understand how the wheels have come off the Liverpool challenge for the Premiership this season… At some stage we looked like we were going to pull away and then Rafa “Tinkerman” Benitez ran his mouth too far and its all gone bonkers since then.. Disappointing draws against Everton and Stoke in games we should have finished off and then a deeply disappointing penalty given away by that crappy dude Lucas have contrived to very clearly hand the initiative to the Manure yet again.. Considering that if the Mancs win, they will equal our prestigiuos 18 championships, it beggars belief as to how the events have turned out…. If it was in Nigeria, and robbers could turn to goats to escape detection, I would have averred that Sir Alex Fungusen had visited the Okija shrine, and obtained a potion for orchestrating the demise… Be that as it may 11 clean sheets takes some beating, and as my worst fears from earlier on in the season have all but been confirmed…….

Wonder what the furore over this Ashley Madison ad really is… Very interesting arguments for and against the ban on this Yahoo page… I agree explicitly with the Bidermann dude that if the ad is banned, the alcohol and other like ads should also be prevented from airing.. But then his argument that “Ashley Madison doesn’t convince anyone to have an affair and merely accommodates people who have already made that decision” is a moot point. As i see it, if Ashley Madison makes it easier to cheat by providing a service, then someone who is considering cheating might actually decide to cheat based on the relative ease.. But then what’s in an ad right?

12 thoughts on “On Liverpool and a contentious Super Bowl Ad…….

  1. Not a ManU fan but you know things usually kick in this part of the season for them so I think they have this one in the bag. Good Luck Vs Chelsea


  2. I agree with Dabiz…apart from the fact that I am a Man U fan…ehem! enough said!English,European, World champions…how bad can it get? get a win and go back to 2nd…good luckAs for that ad, firstly, its American and its acclaimed freedom of speech, and with freedom of speech comes the freedom to express ridiculousness in the name of freewill…RUBBISH


  3. liverpool??????/ mschewwwwwwwwwwwwwww……. but im an ardent enemy of man U but cant help but say oh well……per ashley madison, they r always been criticised and ad or no ad, people will still have affairs. its so funny when the founder was on Tyra with his wife, he fully defended it and he claims he can never have an affair….. i agree that the ad will speed up the decision process but thats how life works…….


  4. @Dabizniz: Thanks man..Guess at least now (hopefully) we can keep in the race till we go to Old Trafford…@NaijaBabe: Man U fan??? Wonder if its the Beckham – Ronaldo effect?? Lol… Anyways only the M62 separates us.. So I'll not drag it….lol@Funms – Mscheeew back.. lol…. U must be an Arsenal fan then…… lol..@Soul Child: ????????


  5. Ok so you won…Thank God for Torres..PSsh…please…Becks lost it a long time ago, plus Ronaldo cant do his wonders without Rooney OR Nistelrooy.PS…It was actually RUUD, not either of the 2 u mentioned…:P


  6. Sad day for Chelsea! I guess we're officially out of the race this season. I also guess this is the end for Scolari. As for Liverpool, its a shame I was rooting for you guys…I'd hate to see Manure win it this season but I doubt that Liverpool can upstage them the way things stand. As for the ad…its 2009 dude, nothing new…


  7. @Doug — You're so right bro — i can ony hope that our TINKERman doesn't do somoething to derail the already tenuous hold we have on the title… The Mancs have an uncanny way of grinding down stubboen teams which we (Liverpool and Chelsea) unfortunately have failed to show this season….


  8. Shush!!Anyway footballers dont do it for me, I prefer them taller!!!What update? From earlier today? That was an accident..I tried to get some countdown thing and it put it on my blog as a post…


  9. @ danny..u dont wanna get me started o..hehehehe :D@ naijababe..ahem ahem..*tirade alert* ronaldo doesnt need rooney or anyone else to do what he does..he is magnificent in his own right..why else wud he be winning awards here n there? ok, let me stop..lol..


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