On Liverpool and a contentious Super Bowl Ad…….

Can’t seem to understand how the wheels have come off the Liverpool challenge for the Premiership this season… At some stage we looked like we were going to pull away and then Rafa “Tinkerman” Benitez ran his mouth too far and its all gone bonkers since then.. Disappointing draws against Everton and Stoke in games we should have finished off and then a deeply disappointing penalty given away by that crappy dude Lucas have contrived to very clearly hand the initiative to the Manure yet again.. Considering that if the Mancs win, they will equal our prestigiuos 18 championships, it beggars belief as to how the events have turned out…. If it was in Nigeria, and robbers could turn to goats to escape detection, I would have averred that Sir Alex Fungusen had visited the Okija shrine, and obtained a potion for orchestrating the demise… Be that as it may 11 clean sheets takes some beating, and as my worst fears from earlier on in the season have all but been confirmed…….

Wonder what the furore over this Ashley Madison ad really is… Very interesting arguments for and against the ban on this Yahoo page… I agree explicitly with the Bidermann dude that if the ad is banned, the alcohol and other like ads should also be prevented from airing.. But then his argument that “Ashley Madison doesn’t convince anyone to have an affair and merely accommodates people who have already made that decision” is a moot point. As i see it, if Ashley Madison makes it easier to cheat by providing a service, then someone who is considering cheating might actually decide to cheat based on the relative ease.. But then what’s in an ad right?