The 2 truths, one lie meme Results….

Tigress, Good Naija Girl, Jaycee, AbujaMaiden , Olufunke all got the right answers… Unfortunately, yours truly is a back to school dude again, so there are no prizes for guessing correctly.. Maybe if i grab the new job I’m chasing, I’ll hold a celebration party on the moon.. LOL…

1. I spent most of my childhood years growing up on a University Campus. – True. Fortunately or unfortunately I’m was one of those kids who had sharp parents that I was always being compared with.. Thankfully, i decided to chase a different sort of job, else i would still be getting comparisms till date. Naughty Eyes thought we might know each other in real life.. Quite possibly, but then maybe that’s why I’m “the guy next door”..

2. I’ve spent weekends at Tinapa, Obudu Cattle ranch and on a ship. – True. Olufunke’s reasoning around this was splendid.. Have to admit that…If it were a more serious matter I’d have said “flesh and blood hath not revealed this to you”… LOL… All my times in those places were on team/ “belle” building meetings with my group at my last job…..

3. I‘ve worn glasses since I was six years old. – False. Good Naija Girl’s reasoning around this had me doubled over…… Wonder what I need to do to sound “bespectacled”…..I do use glasses at the moment, but I only started wearing them a few years back, after I completed the medical exams for my last job….

24 thoughts on “The 2 truths, one lie meme Results….

  1. Nice- i dont even know why i chose that one. 🙂 But u suppose give present o. At to those that are in the same country as u. 🙂


  2. You mean you don't picture (at least aspects of) what bloggers look like? I'm all alone in this quirk? Woe is me!


  3. @Fanny — Well, was only one eye, and it happened to be the one that was struck by a football shot at close range as a kid…..@Tigress — Hmmm – presents? I don't have any ideas abt that at the moment.. But if "the reward for good work is more work", then "the reward for correct answers is more questions.." LOL@Good Naija Girl: – I do, yet to meet someone who i've talked with over the phone at work or elsewhere who has not had an impression of what i look like from how i sound or send emails.. lol…@Funms — NO you did not unfortuantely.. great try…


  4. anyway- i cant repeat that long thing i wrote-but just so you know..'the evil in our desire, typically does not lie in what we want, but that we want it too much' never going to forget that. Thank


  5. Well…. in the circles i grew up in being bespectaculed was the ultimate compliment — made u feel and look like a minature genius.. lol…


  6. @Miz-cynic: Well, maybe I have a serious side, and a non -serious side.LOL
    @Buttercup: Hmmm.. good to see you are rid of that Ronaldo dude who seems to have a death wish — crumpling that Ferrari? Hmmm.. I only i could get the rims… LOL…


  7. Well too bad for me that I missed the truth and lie portion but I always imagined you to have glasses as well the rectangular black framed hip ones. I don't know it would suit the image I have of you in my head as the quiet, well read kind of guy.


  8. @Bondgirl — Gues that description fits what a sizeable portion of my real world pals think f me.. But I know myself.. I'm certainly not quiet in every sense of the word — maybe just a little reserved.. lol@Marjoram – Hey, hope you're better now…..


  9. @Olufunke — Unfortunately I do not have any idea for prizes.. Maybe you could draw p a list of twenty items that my board of directors can consider??? lol…


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