3 down — 2 to go and Naughty Eye’s Meme…

Completed the 3rd of 5 papers today.. Guess aside of the 2nd one (which had everybody completely fooled), the’ve been ok.. Hopefully results should start trickling in, in a couple of weeks and I’ll be able to know if the distinction thingy is viable or not…  Got tagged on this 2 truths, one lie thingy by Naughty eye.. So here goes…

  1. I spent most of my childhood years growing up on a University Campus.
  2. I’ve spent weekends at Tinapa, Obudu Cattle ranch and on a ship.
  3. I’ve worn glasses since I was six years old.

Edit… Somehow I forgot to tag anyone the first time of asking.. But then maybe that was because I failed to make a note to do that on my spreadsheet…..LOL.. I’m picking comments on my blog at random and tagging ppl as a result.. There’s no “method to this madness…..” So here’s the tag:

  1. Majoram (for reminding me!!!)
  2. Capuchine Baby (Not sure if you’ve been tagged before, but not a bad idea to do it all over again)
  3. AbujaMaiden (Again not sure if you’ve been tagged before, but another go shouldn’t hurt)
  4. Olufunke
  5. Abby
  6. Naughty Eyes (The meme is therapeutic, so go ahead and have another shot…) LOL…..

Guess the rules are very well publicized.. but for emphasis, you have to tell us three things about yrself — two truths and one lie, tag six other people…. and some time in the future, you’ll let us know which was which — after we have guessed our brains up and down…..

19 thoughts on “3 down — 2 to go and Naughty Eye’s Meme…

  1. The exams must be really tough so much so that you forgot to include the rules and tag 6 people. Sorry, my guy. You know, all the 3 truth/lies actually do fit the profile of a guy I grew up with on a Uni Campus. Are you sure you aren't he?Nuff said: I think No. 2 is the lie.


  2. I think 3 is the lie, but only because I don't picture your persona as bespectacled (funny how we picture how people look in our mind's eye). I've worn glasses since I was seven sha…that is a loong time!


  3. I wanna go to Obudu Cattle Ranch…it's not fair! Lol. #3 is the lie. You may wear glasses, but u didn't start wearing them at 6. I pray for excellence in your exams.


  4. @Tigress — We'll see in due course….@Naughty Eyes — Na so I see am o… I'll do an edit later and tag ppl.. But six is quite a number…… Guess I'm the guy next door — so i could have been next door on yr campus or in the village.. We'll see at the end of it all.. LOL….@Chxta – Thx@Good Naija Girl – Interesting argument — I think everyone builds a profile of ppl they relate with and are continuosly validating that as new information comes up.. We'll see when i finally tell.. lol..@Jaycee — Thx… That wa another powerful one on your blog…


  5. men this is tricky o…why didnt i think of tricky ones when i did the meme. anyway i think number 2 is the lie…all the best with the rest of ur exams


  6. Number one is a lie. Good luck with the exams man. Naughty eyes tagged me too, but I haven't got round to it yet. This tagging thing sef…


  7. @ DB again: Bros (so my Papa play reach go your side?)My people have a saying. It goes: "If dog bite you the first time, the dog dey crase. If you allow the same dog bite you the second time, na you dey crase."Actually, it's not an original saying. It was coined from the Chinese version: "First fool no be fool. Second fool na proper foolish"You want me to rediscover myself two times? What if I come discover say I suppose be twin to Osama or Obama for that matter?I'm no Christopher Columbus jo! Tag someone else to do this re-re-discovery abeg! LOL!


  8. @ Naughty Eyes.. If you discover say u be Osama twi or Obama brother — u go become celebrity now.. Abi u no like that type?. LOL…. Guess I'll reveal the results in my next post — later in the week…


  9. I think number 3 is the lie…you work pipelines, its possible to have been on ship , tinapa etcand u sound like oen of those 'efiko' children used to a learnig environmentYou may be wearing glasses now……..I still sstick to number 3 is the lie!


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