Whoever said Don’t Fix what ain’t broke was speaking out of the right side of their minds. Best believe me!

In a queer way, I am a victim of trying to over-elaborate. Life was good –  great job with decent prospects, a fair amount of money in the bank and the security being around family afforded. In a fit of petulance at a work decision that went a tad bit awry, I headed back to school to chase an MSc.

My intentions were clear – spend a year back in the academia, work the staleness of doing the same thing over and over from my system and return to my old job. Sadly the circumstances changed midstream, and here I am a reluctant immigrant as I call myself.  There are pluses of course, but this is so not plan A.

I am in transition – perhaps some day in the future, I will have cast off my reluctance and have accepted that this land will be a part of my near term future.