“52 weeks to find him” and an old beauty soap commercial….

Stumbled on this interesting “experiment” by Neenah Pickett. She’s taken the initiative to set up a personal website for dudes to come find her. Let’s see how it shapes up, hopefully it should open some not-normally-open doors.. Pray some of our sharp “Yahoo Yahoo” boys don’t spin her a smooth love story and bail with some of her money.. Or use her to gain a chance to sneak into America…

Can’t seem to remember how i managed to get into a discussion of soap commercials yesterday. Apparently, my flatmate had been talking with someone in Nigeria and they’d talked about the old Joy beauty soap advert where the Joy girl has a bath and takes a walk – making briefcases pop open, people overfil their glasses, doors slam shut on people’s hands – general mayhem i think…… Heard some Nigerian comedian has done a joke about being around such a girl.. If anyone has a link to a video I’d like to see it please… Have a great week y’all.. and hope the new year resoultions/ goals/ plans are making sense?….

16 thoughts on ““52 weeks to find him” and an old beauty soap commercial….

  1. 52 weeks huh? Interesting. I will have to check that site out.So, I went searching for the joy girl commercials but couldn't find one online. =( But there is a Nigerian commercial collection on Youtube that might include the Joy girl commercial though.Anyway, how body? Take care!


  2. I saw the 52weeks lady on TV being interviewed. I hope she's serious and its not a publicity stunt. Very soon she'll have her own Bachelorette reality show…goodluck to her!Joy advert? I remember that ad. I duno who'd want to use soap that will cause commotion and accidents.


  3. @SolomonSydelle: Thanks did a search on the Nigerian Commercials section on Youtube and came up with this . It contains the joy soap advert amongst others….
    @AbujaMaiden: Guess their spin was that bathing with the soap would make us so irresitible that mayhem would result… lol….


  4. Had to google the name. Hadn't heard of her.LOL. I hope she likes the things that walk through the door she's opened. Good luck to her. But even better luck, or His grace better still, to you bruv.


  5. Hmmm i have been on her website…she's got guts is all i can say, all the weirdos and freaks will have fun…lol…but hey she's got to get hers no?All the best for her….


  6. @ doug: Thanks man. Need all the Grace I can muster bro..
    @ShonaVxen: Guess she'll hope for the best and try to filter all the crappy dudes who might put their foot in the door.. Hopefully, there'll be one gem amongst all of them…


  7. Haven't been to the link. I remember the joy ads. Was it joy or lux that some guy fell into a pool too. And I remember one about a car having engine fatigue. I loved that one. Good ol' ads


  8. Happy nu ye to you too dear. i remember thoser adverts, I also remember the Antina ad, now thats one video I would love to see.


  9. Thx to SolomonSydelle's suggestions i found some commercials on youtube that included the joy one and the engine fatigue one.. You can view it here . Unofrtunaely i'm yet to see the skit by the commedian about the adverts.. Brought back memories of growing up……..


  10. lol wow..people wud do anything to leave the single life these days….good luck to her o!r u for real??????? on sunday, my cousins n i were just reminiscing bout that exact ad!!!!


  11. @Buttercup — I think its more like she's using her competencies – in advertising – to snag a guy.. good luck to her…And the dude i waz talking to might have tlaked to your cousins.. LOL


  12. Remember that advert was my kid bros favourite and when it went off he would start to cry and we would have to go behind the tv and start singing the song to calm him down:) Imagine the power of joy soap its scent wafted through even the tv!


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