The 2009 Master Plan…

2008…What a year…Seems like it was only yesterday when my friend and I drove to church to attend the New year Service and to get the year rolling……Lots of stuff have happened to and around me.. Wonder what the highlights were tho…

On a personal note heading back to school ranks up there… One humid March evening, I finally decided I’d had enough of working on the edge; after spending the 4th straight weekend at work trying to troubleshoot a pipeline problem…. Got home that night,and started the online application that has landed me on the MSc program I’m currently on…..apparently to the distaste of my bosses – who told me they thought I was doing fine without the MSc and that it was unnecessary….Who cares? I needed to keep my sanity……My cause can’t be helped by the fact that a number of chaps also decided to flee in my wake too… duh…

Surviving a major car crash also helped to put things in the proper perspective – especially the transience of life…Thankfully I’d hired the cabbie and sat in front with my seat belt… May have gotten my life snuffed out that morning but for that…

My man “The Prof” got hooked up to the girl of his dreams… Prof! who we felt was all nerdy and goofy and good for nothing except books, piping design and football manager dropped the bombshell and told us he’d been seeing one of the snazziest ladies in the department and that they were going to get married in 2009….That singular event convinced me again that miracles exist… lol..

Di, my “big sister” got the second kid in quick succession she wanted…. With two kids out of the way she’s angling for a PhD.. Of course, family first is her mantra these days.. but she’s always got a sharp mind.

Had my usual run in with the Mum on my birthday again this year….. Wonder why Mums always manage to “spoil” family gatherings by regaling you with tales of how Oby yr classmate from primary school got her second kid a couple of months back, or of how your friend from secondary school Tony got married a few weeks back and then reminding you that “Uncle Steve’s” daughter is in town and that she asked about you…Guess all that is behind me now..

  1. Now my 2009 goals – iin no particular order…..
  2. Attend a Canadian Job Fair, the Offshore Technology Conference or NACE Corrosion 2009 (This dude needs to put himself on the radar for new employers to see u know)
  3. Extend my network to include worthy causes
  4. Re-ignite my God connection – Need to cast off this “black sheep” tag ASAP…
  5. Find a personal mentor/ Life coach — wonder why i need one tho..
  6. Learn French…
  7. Lose 10 kg – not overweight but could do with losing some weight u know….
  8. Make new friends – target 4 new friends that I do not already know at the moment.
  9. Reduce FM2009 game time. Play max of 14 hrs a week – ie 2 hr per day
  10. Follow up 9ja happenings more seriously.. At least I need to know what’s happening in my country right?
  11. Complete my evaluation of the works of CS Lewis, John Owen, John Calvin and Jacob Arminius.
  12. Visit another European Country
  13. “Significantly reduce” my Facebook time….. duh….
  14. Make a distinction on my MSc… Tall order – but doable……………………

Hopefully I’ll still be on blogsville this time next year and i’ll be able to see how far i went on closing out these things…

Happy new year y’all…..

20 thoughts on “The 2009 Master Plan…

  1. Just checking…What was that u were saying about 2009 'blogsville post a comment first luck'? Hmnn…wat can I say, I am getting good! lol!


  2. Seems like u've had a fun 2008. Good luck in tryin 2 learn French. I enrolled in a class on 3 different occassions and I still cant string together a full sentence! Sigh!


  3. Happy new year……… wow, 08 was an eventful yr for u o… thank God for ur life…… hope ur able to stick with these resolutions…. i want to learn spanish and i had to deactivate my fb account to reduce the addiction…


  4. We have two points of commonality; learning French and getting rid of the 'black sheep' status, although I have quite a list of languages I intend to learn. I love CS Lewis and have read a bit of John Calvin. CS Lewis and Charles Dickens are my literary role models. Regarding mentoring, it's a good idea and can shave quite a bit of wasted time off your life but only if you choose well and remember even at that that 'the very best of men are men at the very best'.Have a splendid year bruv, and may He grant that your plans succeed.


  5. @Confessions – Thanks for stopping by..The French thing was on the list for 2008 – but i convinced myself that the emergencies i had to deal with at work prevented me from making significant progress…. Plus i ended up 20k short in Naira!@Afrobabe – hopefully I'll put my foot to the pedal and fire all the way……will be tracking progress monthly to see where i am on these.. and yes, near death experiences tend to sober one up ASAP@Funms-the-rebirth: Solid yarns u put out on your blog sister…..I hope i get to be as "spiritual" after i cast off my "black sheep" status@Doug: You're so right abt the similarities man… My only concern with the work of John Calvin is his insistence on Predestination.. Sometimes i wonder if i have been predestined to be the black sheep.. I hope not…. Currently trying to study the work of Jacob Arminius who was on the opposite of the argument….


  6. Goodluck with d list, i have a list myself…i hope i'm able to check evry single one by dis time next year.By the way ur write up is great!have a blessed new year!


  7. @Abujababe: LOL.. Have gone ahead to add you to the spreadsheet that is tracking potential options for when we finally "yield" to the Mum…@ADifNaijaSpec: Thanks for stopping by.. WE can only hope we check all the boxes by Year's End…..


  8. Hehe…tell me about Football Manager…that thing is a time killer, I can see how you'd assume you had no life outside of it…happy new year to u too


  9. @ShonaVixen: Thanks — Happy new year to u too…@FM09 with the 3D match engine is defintely a time kller — currently ACMilan in 2015…..inside a week to the detriment of my books…… Surely, u dont play FM yourself do u???? That would be a first…


  10. U wanna try? LOL my housemates have it and I erm kinda counsel on who to buy or not. I'm not a pro yet but I'm getting there. Lol….. I lie, i just watch them and watch them bitch n banter over why you'd waste your millions on unnecessary transfers.Exams didn't help tho, everyone uninstalled it for fear that we might be more learned in FM than our degrees. It's took adddictive. A whole weekend disappears in a flash!!!!! Not good


  11. WOW.. Would sure like to meet your housemates and play a network game some day.. after we're all done with exams that is……The game is REALLY engaging.. with all the media interaction and the Hall of Fame feature where u get to measure yourself against the Bob Paisley's and Alex Feguson's of the game world…..Went to the extent of playing the FMLive version over the internet while the 3D match engine was still in beta form…..I've moved all the files – tactics, games, training and all what not off my laptop for the sake of my books… Can't wait for the end of january to fire down again….


  12. LOL I think the break has eased the FM craze. It's the pro evo turn. But it's still the greatest job on earthhh!!!! LOL! We are done with exams anyway so it's back to the great job!!!!! Good luck with ur exams!!!!!


  13. It sounds like you had a very eventful year in 2008 and I hope that you get around to accomplishing all the important goals on your list. I have a feeling you'll do well, especially with you holding yourself accountable by promising (?) monthly updates — such a good idea!I'm hoping to be inspired by you.Happy New Year!


  14. 1st time herehappy new yearadd me to the list of 4 friends to make :)…have a great per folowing up naija happenins, i read nigerian forums, thats the only way i can keep ip with stuffs going on in naija.. dont make any mistake of making posts.. u'll get addicted.. just read..lolGood luck with reducing ur time on fb..hehe


  15. number 3- i know God is waiting with open arms.number 7- nice one..didn't know people consciousily decide to make more friends…lol..i am still trying to manage the few friends and many acquaintances i have.happy new year!!!


  16. hiya,dnt let ur head swell….kindly add mi to ur list of potential 4 friends(u seem interesting)…God knws ma life is boring enuf as it is…m nt boring oh..just a naija babe in a strange land and lookin for sm connection..will send u an invite…kindly accept…thanxciao..


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