On Liverpool and a contentious Super Bowl Ad…….

Can’t seem to understand how the wheels have come off the Liverpool challenge for the Premiership this season… At some stage we looked like we were going to pull away and then Rafa “Tinkerman” Benitez ran his mouth too far and its all gone bonkers since then.. Disappointing draws against Everton and Stoke in games we should have finished off and then a deeply disappointing penalty given away by that crappy dude Lucas have contrived to very clearly hand the initiative to the Manure yet again.. Considering that if the Mancs win, they will equal our prestigiuos 18 championships, it beggars belief as to how the events have turned out…. If it was in Nigeria, and robbers could turn to goats to escape detection, I would have averred that Sir Alex Fungusen had visited the Okija shrine, and obtained a potion for orchestrating the demise… Be that as it may 11 clean sheets takes some beating, and as my worst fears from earlier on in the season have all but been confirmed…….

Wonder what the furore over this Ashley Madison ad really is… Very interesting arguments for and against the ban on this Yahoo page… I agree explicitly with the Bidermann dude that if the ad is banned, the alcohol and other like ads should also be prevented from airing.. But then his argument that “Ashley Madison doesn’t convince anyone to have an affair and merely accommodates people who have already made that decision” is a moot point. As i see it, if Ashley Madison makes it easier to cheat by providing a service, then someone who is considering cheating might actually decide to cheat based on the relative ease.. But then what’s in an ad right?

Embarrassed…… and then a ‘gene’ for making friends…

Had one of my most embarrassing moments in class a couple of days back.. I’ve not recovered from the lousy sleep patterns i picked up while studying for exams..As such I’ve basically being only able to get to sleep in the 2.30 am – 4am time frame. Coupled with the fact that serious (boring) lectures have started, its been a real serious irritant… Things definitely went pear shaped a few days back when in the midst of a very boring lecture, sleep started trying to blast my eyes.. I tried every trick i knew – chewing gum, bouncing my feet, forcing my eyes to focus on the board – all to no avail.. Most embarrassing moment occurred when i actually fell asleep and let out a miniature snore…..Thankfully, it was nipped almost in the bud.. But it still drew a few peals of laughter from the peeps in the class.. Almost felt like I should just vanish.. Anyways I think I’m over it now…

On a less self -deprecating note tho, wonder what it is with science and trying to provide a reason for every single daily occurrence – first it was why women cheat, now its why some people are more friendly than others .. Enjoy and have a good laugh….

Drifting apart..

BG called me today. There is clearly a drifting apart here. The bulk of her talk was based on the rash of people who’ve ended relationships in the last few weeks, including a number of close mutual friends.  My cousin Ella thinks there are self esteem issues involved here and that I needed to reassure her of my 100% commitment.
She and I are drifting apart… I just know.. Sigh.. 😦

The 2 truths, one lie meme Results….

Tigress, Good Naija Girl, Jaycee, AbujaMaiden , Olufunke all got the right answers… Unfortunately, yours truly is a back to school dude again, so there are no prizes for guessing correctly.. Maybe if i grab the new job I’m chasing, I’ll hold a celebration party on the moon.. LOL…

1. I spent most of my childhood years growing up on a University Campus. – True. Fortunately or unfortunately I’m was one of those kids who had sharp parents that I was always being compared with.. Thankfully, i decided to chase a different sort of job, else i would still be getting comparisms till date. Naughty Eyes thought we might know each other in real life.. Quite possibly, but then maybe that’s why I’m “the guy next door”..

2. I’ve spent weekends at Tinapa, Obudu Cattle ranch and on a ship. – True. Olufunke’s reasoning around this was splendid.. Have to admit that…If it were a more serious matter I’d have said “flesh and blood hath not revealed this to you”… LOL… All my times in those places were on team/ “belle” building meetings with my group at my last job…..

3. I‘ve worn glasses since I was six years old. – False. Good Naija Girl’s reasoning around this had me doubled over…… Wonder what I need to do to sound “bespectacled”…..I do use glasses at the moment, but I only started wearing them a few years back, after I completed the medical exams for my last job….

The case of the old school mates…. and other random thoughts…

Just wondering what it is with old school mates hooking up after many years… Have heard of three weddings in the last 2 months between people who were old secondary school classmates of mine…. Plus there’s one more to attend in 9ja in April — sincerely hope i can make that on its a valid excuse to hit 9ja… The pair who are getting married in April didn’t actually talk much between themselves when we were in school, well as far as I know, so i can’t just place the source of the sudden affinity..But then maybe its more a case of sticking with what you know versus venturing into worlds unknown in dating someone fresh…..

Heard some rather distubing news today — got added by an old school mate on Facebook (where else do they re-enter your life from these days) — who proceeded to take me to task very seriously on why yours truly was still very single.. More on that when I’ve had time and the civility to give a point by point rebuttal of his very withering attack on moi…. Disturbing news tho was that a mutal classmate — we’ll call her Oby — had gotten married to some lousy chap in the late November time frame.. This was a very “serious” lady back in the day, got into Medicine early within a year of leaving secondary school, while i was still scouting for the best remedial centre to register in, and basically epitomized the classic “wife material” as one dude aptly described it back in the day… Apparently, while she was still in Med school, there was this “raz” engineering bro who was always on her case, dhe being the very focused type would not have anything to do with him.. 2 years after Med school tho, she ended up marrying him… As far as I know, the dude is basically jobless – tho he claims he’s chasing contracts in PH………

My two questions then are:
1. Do most people find it “easier” to date someone you’ve known for very long in a none romantic setting? Like a school mate, or someone from church, or the locality where you grew up?

2. How serious is the pressure to just shack up with any available guy/ girl even if you know the’re crap just to acheive the married status once certain timelines are crossed?

Exam fever..

Against my better judgement, I went back to school for a dose of ‘adult’ education, after nearly six years of slaving for the capitalists working. Its exam time and I am not finding it funny. Hours on end of swotting, tons of material to store in my head and a few non academic thoughts running through my head. There is also the minor distraction of Football Manager on my laptop… Thanks to Jaguda.com radio, I have music for comfort through the night. Thankful for minor miracles after all….

3 down — 2 to go and Naughty Eye’s Meme…

Completed the 3rd of 5 papers today.. Guess aside of the 2nd one (which had everybody completely fooled), the’ve been ok.. Hopefully results should start trickling in, in a couple of weeks and I’ll be able to know if the distinction thingy is viable or not…  Got tagged on this 2 truths, one lie thingy by Naughty eye.. So here goes…

  1. I spent most of my childhood years growing up on a University Campus.
  2. I’ve spent weekends at Tinapa, Obudu Cattle ranch and on a ship.
  3. I’ve worn glasses since I was six years old.

Edit… Somehow I forgot to tag anyone the first time of asking.. But then maybe that was because I failed to make a note to do that on my spreadsheet…..LOL.. I’m picking comments on my blog at random and tagging ppl as a result.. There’s no “method to this madness…..” So here’s the tag:

  1. Majoram (for reminding me!!!)
  2. Capuchine Baby (Not sure if you’ve been tagged before, but not a bad idea to do it all over again)
  3. AbujaMaiden (Again not sure if you’ve been tagged before, but another go shouldn’t hurt)
  4. Olufunke
  5. Abby
  6. Naughty Eyes (The meme is therapeutic, so go ahead and have another shot…) LOL…..

Guess the rules are very well publicized.. but for emphasis, you have to tell us three things about yrself — two truths and one lie, tag six other people…. and some time in the future, you’ll let us know which was which — after we have guessed our brains up and down…..

Finally, the exams….Going MIA…

WOW.. Finally the 1st semester exams are here… 3+ months of course work, lectures, field trips, discussion classes and library work are going to be put through a comprehensive test over the course of the next two weeks…. I’ve got this nervy, on-the-edge feeling — which in the past has served me so well.. Hopefully, I can harness it again and make a strong statement of intent per this MSc program… The stakes are kinda high — was grudgingly granted approval to pursue the Msc by my 9ja bosses — so I need to lay down a marker and let them know it was worth the gamble…..

Three straight exams starting from tomorrow followed by a break for the weekend and then two more next week and then its all over…..I’m so wanting to hit FM2009 after those exams… Have stayed away from the game for so loooooong. LOL……..