Seven Ideas for Life…

Found this interesting article on . Dennis Prager is a Jewish American and a talk show host.. Enjoy his thoughts from the commencement address he gave to the 1997 graduating class of Pepperdine University.

One: The Greatest Struggle Is with Yourself – not with society..
Two: Trust Your Common Sense
Three: Race is Unimportant
Four: Don’t Leave Your Values at Home
Five: Beware of Bad Ideas
Six: Behavior Matters More than Intentions
Seven: Religion is the True Counterculture

Particularly loved this part…When you can say, “No, I’m sorry; as tempting as that is [whatever that may be], I cannot do it,” others respect you, and you will respect you. When you know to whom you are accountable and you ultimately march to the beat of a higher drummer, you lead a more peaceful life.

4 thoughts on “Seven Ideas for Life…

  1. Wow! I can't believe I could be first on such a powerful post.What can I say man? We need more people who think like this. I shall keep these words close to my heart.


  2. @Doug — First read this article in 2001, and have gone to read it again as part of my New Year ritual.. very poerful words indeed.@Solonsydelle – Couldn't have put it more succintly…@Wordsmith – Thx for stopping by…


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