’27 dresses’, Peanut Butter and a somewhat Merry Christmas….

Thanks to y’all who wished me a Merry Christmas. In view of the fact that I was stuck in Europe, that was the best I could have hoped for. Unfortunately there was no “White Christmas” where I was —so my plan to take some pictures with snow to finally convince the “Doubting Thomases” that I was indeed somewhere in Europe failed to materialize….

Found out that I have this unquenchable “lust” for peanut butter… Yours truly ate it with everything over the Christmas – bread, rich tea biscuits, mixed with pasta.. I would be embarassed to even mention some of the things I did with it….Hopefully I’ll not add more than a few kilograms, and my regular brisk walks will burn it all off…. lol…

Was glad for the break – took time out to play Football Manager 2009 on my laptop.. Ended up top of the Hall of Fame by 2016.

Finally took the advice of a friend and watched 27 dresses . I’ve never being a fan of romantic comedies, especially now when my FB crush is still not showing face.. You know these things have a way of reminding you that you are still very single…..lol.. Anyways, I liked it,(at least it kept me occupied for the lul in activity over Christmas)…. And I definitely will watch it again…..

The next big thing for me is to update my 5 year plan…. Each year I review my goals from the past year on a number of fronts – career, social, humanitarian and educational and set out key action items to progress over the course of the year…. This time one of the activities is to start a more “serious” blog on Nigeria and its issues — hopefully promoting a dialog to identify ways that we as individuals can make a difference in our own small spheres of influence….

A big influence on my life in the latter part of this year has been Rick Warren and his PEACE plan initiative. Hopefully, I can resolve my Spiritual black sheep status and get something useful with my life outside the field of Engineering….

Here’s to 2009….. Hopefully, a year to make a fresh start and make a real difference…. And capture the elusive 19th…


WOW.. Went to church yesterday and was wowed by the Christmas story presentation put up… Everything from the kids singing “silent night” to the the main choir singing an up-beat rocky version of “Joy to the World” brought back memories from long ago…..

Liverpool almost gave me the perfect Christmas gift.. but yet again they failed to kill off a game that was there for the taking… Even I, the most die-hard of pragmatic fans – have begun to have real serious doubts about their desire to win the elusive 19th this year.. Have a real fear deep down that we’ll not get a better chance than this year.. with all the “Big Four” bleeding points like snow on a white Christmas….

Wonder how Christmas will feel this year — its my first time away from my family at Christmas.. Guess this chap had to grow up sooner rather than later anyways.. Plus all my flatmates have packed up and travelled — Nigeria, France, Dubai and London — dudes all gone leaving moi to my own devices for Christmas…..

Anyways, guess I’ll head off to church on Christmas day, come back for some serious bookwork and possibly see if there’s anyone I know willing for some small talk on the Tyne River…..

Anyways — Merry Christmas to y’all and thanks to the credit crunch I have a real excuse not to give any gifts this year!!!!

Last off — here’s Joy to the World from Mariah Carey….

Random Thoughts….

Wonder what I need to do to get married to a very rich diva… Boy if i can make 50 million pounds from 9yrs, I’d be made for life.. That definitely will banish all thoughts of a credit crunch to the doldrums “like a bad night’s dream forever”.. Wonder why all these celebs hook up in the first place, if is only to part with loads of cash (maybe its not so hard-earned anyways or it really doesn’t hurt them lose the money). Maybe they do not believe in the love they sing about in their songs too….

On the subject of forgiveness and second chances, wonder what y’all think about our Nigerian bro who’s pleading for a pardon from President Bush… Apparently the dude was convicted of driving for a drug cartel in New York way back in 1989. He’s however had 20 years of stellar behaviour, spent in church work.. Surely, that is paying back to the community and on the basis of that he can be excused? I mean, he can’t be the only one who has been convicted for driving for a new york crime syndicate…What’s so special with this case? It does bring to the fore the negative image that Nigerians still have out there – the home of scammers, and everything bad. A gross generaliation (which is akin to intellectual suicide)but one which is very widely held.

I don’t know but it looks to me that maybe there is just a little less tolerance in the West for other people. Maybe its the credit crunch but when even ex-Archbishop William Carey chips in with his own two cents (two pence is more appropriate right?) about tigthening immigration control, in the name of not forgetting “the importance of Christian identity” I wonder what the world is coming to…Maybe he needs reminding that “there are only two races, the decent and the indecent”.

Guess ultimately it boils down to two things: Nigerians who persist in doing stuff to rubbish the name of the beloved country and our crap leadership that persists in lining their own pockets as well as those of their own croonies with the nations resources, instead of building the infrastructure required to take Nigeria forward…..

NB: Did u ppl see this bill from lawyers to INEC? Hmmm.. I wonder if the chaps deserve the money – looks to me like Manchester City offering to pay someone 400,000 pounds a week….. Golly…. Maybe i’m in the wrong career.

Dear Santa……

Dept of Razness,
Faculty of 9janess,
University of Somewhere,
Someplace, SM5 10PL,
Date: Whenever this reaches you.
eMail: Raz9ijaboi@yahoo.co.uk

Dear Santa,
I write to table my most sincere wishes for this year’s Christmas tree to you. As you will most graciously remember, none of the things I asked for last year were delivered, possibly because some bully or some tall, dark and handsome dude (in the case of the wonderful girl down the road) hijacked them before they got to me. I understand your best efforts but would appreciate it if you could include some insurance on the postage to ensure I can at least put in a claim if the items get hijacked this year again.

If you could be so kind as to go through your records, you will realize that I have been a good guy this year. I stayed off alcohol and cigars as agreed last year; plus I was very generous to the needy people around me. The beggar on Somewhere street that I typically leave a couple of pence for each time I leave Primark will attest to this, as will the various children in Uganda and Tanzania that the change I drop off in the World Vision box at KFC has gone a long way to help through school. I also went out of my way severally to personally send money down to 9ja to take some kids off the street. Even you Santa will agree that this is a testament to my magnanimity and extreme devotion to the less privileged.

Unlike last year when I had a rather long list of requests, I only have a couple this year. First off I’d like for that dear young lady I’ve been “poking” on Facebook without any response to poke me back at least. I believe your powers include being able to log on to FB, but if they don’t I’m willing to let you have my password so you can really see how gorgeous she is and how well she fits the list of criteria I sent to you last year (I can resend them if your email system has auto-archived my original email or if you’ve just simply lost it). Better still if you can make her like me very much that will be just fine!

Secondly, I’d like to make straight A’s in my exams, while playing games on my laptop. Surely you have the password to the lecturer’s computer and can deliver the exam questions to me via my email address as listed above.

Thirdly, I’d like to get a brand new job in Canada. I’ve worked hard in 9ja but have had scant recognition for my extreme efforts. I’d like to try somme flexi-hours and see if it helps me better. Also I’d be much closer to you there and I can actually help you design a pipeline to transport all the gifts to people without stressing yourself that much. With the right process systems, I can even automate the process of loading the pipeline, linking it to your email inbox, so your wonderful reindeer can take a much needed rest.

Fourthly, my best friend Di, who you famously refused to allow me date, has had a baby and she’s feeling strained. I’d like it if you could make the kid cry less, so the young lady can get her strength back. Taking care of two little children is not easy.

Uncle Santa, I understand there’s a credit crunch and solving everybody’s issues may not be possible. If you have to prioritize, kindly remember that I’ve not had anything for Christmas in the past 10 years and I have lived an exemplary life in the past 1 yr. If I must have one request, kindly let it be my FB crush. At least if I am talking with her, my sorrow at not getting any other gift will be medicated. I can be reached via email if you require any further clarifications.

Yours Expectantly,

The freedom of anonymity…..and other random tots…

Spent a couple of minutes speaking with one of my friends.. and suddenly realized how “easy” the internet has made communication….This dude is that half-shy – half-reserved type who can barely keep a conversation going, but is absoutely fabulous on MSN or Facebook.. This dude manages to pull off witty comments that i’ve never heard from him in real life…. I began to wonder if maybe communicating in real time involves so many nuances that most people just wilt rather than communicate effectively…. Make no mistake, this guy is good – he finished in the top two in my class back in 9ja while yours truly finished in the never land of mid-table obscurity (as the football pundits so aptly put it) but the guy never was a talker….

Found a sad tale on the web of a romantic proposal gone awry… some romantic folks decided to propose marriage on the sea shore. Unfortunately, the wife-to-be got swept out to sea and died….Guess the simple things are most often the safest too….

Liverpool finally won a premier league match, and Arsenal avoided another slippery patch against Wigan, Man Utd pulled one out of the fire at home to Sunderland and Chelski turned on the style against another team outside the top four.. Unfortunately, they will keep doing well against the lesser teams but come apart against ARSEnal (you cannot pass the ball better than them), Manure (too many game winners to track) and Liverpool (too much endeavor and hard work).. Anyways, at least Liverpool still sit atop the table for another week at least.. Let’s see what happens when Hull City come to Anfield next week…….

Theifry in Paris……

Found this story on the BBC website. Its an ambitious heist at a top notch Paris jewelry shop.. Wonder how much publicity this might have gotten if it happened in Nigeria – or online????

Seven Ideas for Life…

Found this interesting article on Boundless.org . Dennis Prager is a Jewish American and a talk show host.. Enjoy his thoughts from the commencement address he gave to the 1997 graduating class of Pepperdine University.

One: The Greatest Struggle Is with Yourself – not with society..
Two: Trust Your Common Sense
Three: Race is Unimportant
Four: Don’t Leave Your Values at Home
Five: Beware of Bad Ideas
Six: Behavior Matters More than Intentions
Seven: Religion is the True Counterculture

Particularly loved this part…When you can say, “No, I’m sorry; as tempting as that is [whatever that may be], I cannot do it,” others respect you, and you will respect you. When you know to whom you are accountable and you ultimately march to the beat of a higher drummer, you lead a more peaceful life.