Me.. and my Facebook

I did the unthinkable today and deleted my Facebook account… Not sure what finally pushed me over the edge but I sure knew it was coming… Possibly it was the three hours wasted after my lectures today responding to comments on my pictures and trawling the profiles of my friends looking for comments to add, or maybe it was the heated exchange I had with some chap over Obama and McCain and how relevant it was to the rest of the world (especially Nigeria) who it was that won… Quite possibly, it was exacerbated by the friendly jibe my best friend’s kid sister threw in my direction – a candid warning to her big sis not to get addicted to FB like yours truly… Or maybe it was the ease with which it is possible to breach the walls of anonymity and become “friends” with someone you’ve never known from the start of evolution – much less from Adam’s time.. Or maybe it was the threat of potential employers snooping around on FB for mug shots of prospective employees…..

Whatever the reasons, I finally did it.. And I hope I have the steely resolve to stay away from it (apparently I’ve got till mid November to rescind my decision before FB finally pulls the plug on all my online stuff….).

10 thoughts on “Me.. and my Facebook

  1. I'm actaully planning very seriously to return as my blog self — Just for the fun of it.. at least this time I hopefully have less friends…


  2. Lol you did it too? well done, I also went thrugh that facebook faze and eventually deleted it, well done! 😀


  3. iv tried many times to delete facebook but it just doesnt happen. guess you had the guts to do it.. The addiction is crazy yeh but the benefits?? are ok.. youv still got a while to decide


  4. Hehe! I deactivated my account with the intention of doin so for the duration of my exams..i reactivated it just last week or so n i wont be done with exams till next owe fb homage mehn, i met my best friend there..i shud curse it at the same time cos i met my bf(who's gone MIA) there as well!


  5. Well… the good and the bad come with everything… Unfortunately, I barely lasted two weeks off before I reentered FB.. This time as my blog self.. Lets see wt comes of it this time…


  6. I've tried deactivating my acct. but never got enuff courage to do so. FB has both +tive and -tive, re-uniting wiv friends, and re-kindling old flames dat seem to bcome more than old-flames…lol… Neways welcome back to FB.


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