Loving Liverpool FC

Hmm — still awake — time’s 2.12am here but a big cup of coffee is striving to keep me very much awake.. Had an assignment i needed to complete for some lecturer who does his utmost best to come across as recticent all the time and i felt a cup of coffee would help….

Was delighted that my Liverpool team got the win against Portsmouth.. They’d huffed and puffed for 70+ minutes before a moment of madness gited them the winning penalty – Trust Stevie G to respond with a well driven penalty beyond the despairing dive to Calamity James… Hmmm so wat else is happening to me at the moment?

Just chilling, trying to catch up with my book work, evaluating my finances to decide if i need to work some more to tide over the period of my studies, etc etc.. lots of random thoughts going through my head……Great..
Well, gotta run now… Have had my carthasis for the day…..

6 thoughts on “Loving Liverpool FC

  1. Boo is Man U so maybe I can start learning more to impress. i used to like Newcastle just because they won some game I watched and now Nigerians wanna buy Newcastle. Lol!Are you Nigerian?


  2. @talesandtallies — football…. is the beautiful game.. when the likes of arsenal and barcelona stroke the ball around, even i have to admit is almost like an art form… Might help u just to watch it once in a while u know…@ Abujamaiden — Guess most Nigerians support one of the "big four", Arsenal (cos of Kanu back in the day); Chelsea (cos of instant success bought by a certain Roman's bucks), Man U (cos they've been the most success club of the modern era) and Liverpool (the most successful British club of all time)… And Yes I'm Nigerian…


  3. I started supportin Man U cos of my bro, not cos i knew ish about the club..yea, beckham was the ish then. But yea, i just grew to love em n the my boo, ronaldo stepped on the scene n i officially became married to the club! 😀


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