Me.. and my Facebook

I did the unthinkable today and deleted my Facebook account… Not sure what finally pushed me over the edge but I sure knew it was coming… Possibly it was the three hours wasted after my lectures today responding to comments on my pictures and trawling the profiles of my friends looking for comments to add, or maybe it was the heated exchange I had with some chap over Obama and McCain and how relevant it was to the rest of the world (especially Nigeria) who it was that won… Quite possibly, it was exacerbated by the friendly jibe my best friend’s kid sister threw in my direction – a candid warning to her big sis not to get addicted to FB like yours truly… Or maybe it was the ease with which it is possible to breach the walls of anonymity and become “friends” with someone you’ve never known from the start of evolution – much less from Adam’s time.. Or maybe it was the threat of potential employers snooping around on FB for mug shots of prospective employees…..

Whatever the reasons, I finally did it.. And I hope I have the steely resolve to stay away from it (apparently I’ve got till mid November to rescind my decision before FB finally pulls the plug on all my online stuff….).

Loving Liverpool FC

Hmm — still awake — time’s 2.12am here but a big cup of coffee is striving to keep me very much awake.. Had an assignment i needed to complete for some lecturer who does his utmost best to come across as recticent all the time and i felt a cup of coffee would help….

Was delighted that my Liverpool team got the win against Portsmouth.. They’d huffed and puffed for 70+ minutes before a moment of madness gited them the winning penalty – Trust Stevie G to respond with a well driven penalty beyond the despairing dive to Calamity James… Hmmm so wat else is happening to me at the moment?

Just chilling, trying to catch up with my book work, evaluating my finances to decide if i need to work some more to tide over the period of my studies, etc etc.. lots of random thoughts going through my head……Great..
Well, gotta run now… Have had my carthasis for the day…..

The elusive 19th?

Hmmm — still rubbinng my hands in glee over the most assured Liverpool perfromance at the Bridge since January 2004; calm, disciplined and “arsenalesque” at times with the approach play… Liverpool were good value for the win and much as I’m shied away from saying this is the year of the 19th, i’m slowly building a head of enthusiasim again.. For us all the long suffering Anfield faithful, we pray fervently that The Rotator doesn’t blow it this time and that he keeps the same nucleus that has gelled so well this season..
IMO, Jnaury should bring in a genuine winger who can play on either side and a full back (Fabio, Dossena, Arbeloa) have done OK; not done great as I see it)….

Fingers crossed guys, lets see where we are are Christmas and then take it from there….

NB: Could NOT signing Gareth Barry (and selling Xabi Alonso) be the transfer of the season????

Four Weeks gone..

WOW.. Four weeks have gone by like yesterday.. Four weeks of lectures on Tyneside… Plus nearly two reams of reading materials covering everything from linear wave theory to fracture mechanics.. Meeen this book work ehnn.. Thank God say I even go now, like say I don marry get picki e for rough o…

Anyways I’m grteful for the opportunity to study again and give myself loads of options at the end (ppeline engineering no be yam o!!!)..

Enjoy this great song from Article One.. And for those of you who’ve sent me emails asking why the stop – start blogging… I promise i’ll be regular… Shake hnads on it too..

Regards ppl..

Just Chilling – bracing up for week 3!

WOW… finally got through the second full week of lectures on Tyneside.. Calling them hectic wold be a disservcie to the sheer number and length of lectures i’ve had to go through – capped off by a dose of 7 hrs with Prof Phil Hopkins. Anyways i’d say i’m slowly geting back into the groove – except for one kind economics course like dat wey dey make boys sleep well well…

Heard the good news dat my man Ife is finally heading out to UCL in the next couple of days — the chap deserves a break jo — those imperialists wan kill the guy before (but na the guy dey form high flier before sha)..
Guys enjoy this video from Kirk Franklin — was touched by it after lsitening to it for the first time in over 2 years… Ciao guys…

21 days on Tyneside!

WOW.. yesterday made it the 21st consecutive day on Tyneside for moi….I’m grateful for the chance to be away from the frenetic pace of work for a year, but at some stage i’d almost started second guessing my decision to go for an Msc..

All in all the pressure’s slacked off – completed registration, settled in seamlessly, starting to know my way around now and have meet some really cool guys on Tyneside..

Went to church yesterday – Newcastle Christian Life Centre – – and thouroughly enjoyed church for the first time in a while.. The sheer energy, passion and joy was enviable… Planning to head back there a lot more times over the course of the year too….