The ‘Rejected Stone’?

I wonder how many LFC fans are taking note of the fact that Xabi Alonso has had a big hand in conjuring up the best ever start to a Premier League campaign under Rafa the rotator? Big response from a world class player IMO.. The mere fact that Rafa was willing to pay 18M pounds for a replacement player along with all the constant noise about a move to Juve and then the Ar$e$ seemed to suggest that his Anfield time was up but the impact he’s had amidst average performances from people around him begs the question as to why he was on the way out…Granted last season he was a shadow of himself, and he chose to witness the birth of his kid rather than travel (commendable IMO) but he’s shown his quality in past seasons..

Let’s hope he can feature prominently in the drive for the elusive 19th… On the balance of play tho’ I find that diffcult to keep believing…….YNWA Xabi….

Newcastle…..The waiting game

Crossed the 97% mark this week… Got my ticket to Newcastle via London Heathrow yesterday so as it stands I’m almost good to go.. Still yet to hear anything back from HR yet on how much I owe.. I expect I have it covered tho’

Thot I’d be able to avoid having a sit-out for my chaps — but I’ve been sternly warned that such a course of action will be unacceptable.. Guess I always knew I had no choice on this one..

The Newcastle Agenda

WOW — The Newcastle agenda crossed the 95% milestone last Friday.. Weeks of nail-biting suspense came to an end.. and when it did it was anti-climatic.. The weeks of palpating excel spreadsheets and evaluating various scenarios came to an end more in a puff of smoke than a roaring volcanic eruption..

I’d skipped work, chartered a cab to Calabar and only arrived just in time to catch the last Arik Air flight to Lagos from Calabar… Flight was eventful, rather bumpy but safe… And then when the brown envelope was in my hands, i only felt a cold, calm detachment..

Well thank God, I have my entry clearance, next steps are to apply for a leave of absence, clear my indetedness to the company and fly out..

The end of the beginnning is at hand….

Diary of a would-be school boy

Finally worked up the nerve to start blogging about my prospective Newcastle odyssey…. By my excel spreadsheet estimates I’ve crossed the 78% milestone, paid my fees, booked my accomodation, self registered for school, moved my pounds into my dorm account – the works..

Currently waiting on the chaps from the High Commission to make a statement on my application to finally cross the 90% milestone..

As for me all I’m doing is twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the manifestation of the day.,,

Watch this space..

Weekend Gists — PH

WOW — spent my first weekend in Port Harcourt for the first time in nearly two and half years and boy did I thoroughly enjoy myself!!!! The gist was great, the kids were awesome and just being around some really cool friends made my weekend.. Didn’t know I still enjoyed being around kids that much…Great start to my birthday month….