Birthdays, KPIs and Mama’s Calls

Phew — I’ve survived another year — Another year of living and working in 9ja with all its attendant issues. I had several close shaves with death in the past 1 year – two car crashes that almost claimed my life (the last one finally totalled my 2001 3.25i BMW and left me with a cut on my head), a massive re-org at work that left 160 people considering what might have been if they’d opted for a different first job instead of tying up with an Oil & Gas major, two flights to and fro Lagos every month inspite of the real issues with the 9ja Aviation industry, several gruelling trips to Benin City from my enclave in the 9ja Delta (a 16hr round trip every 2 months) and most importantly another 1 year of surviving inspite of Mama’s phone calls..

Guess Mama has valid concerns. My seeming lack of endeavour in the field of “settling down” has given her sleepless nights and almost added high blood pressure – I’ve seemed as committed to not getting married as she is to get me married off ASAP.. Seems like I’m at the stage of life where everyone has “concerns” about my single status – my favorite cousins have taken it upon themselves to send endless SMSs with names of eligible young ladies that are “available”, my sisters have been more circumspect merely resorting to regaling me with stories of which of my friends got married in the last quarter. But Mama’s efforts crown them all — multiple 40 day fasts, long bouts of advice, carefully camoflauged “meet the girl” events touted as family get togethers – the entire gamut of what’s in her arsenal.

Trust Moi – the quintessential pig-headed, obstinate, “question the answers” guy simply refused to be bullied into doing things under duress…. and decided 2007 was the year to focus on the main things: defining my KPIs for life – milestones to attain with timelines within which to reach them.. Did I meet my targets – Yes and No; weight is still 15kg above target, networth is 25% below target, i’m still single – mixed results in general….

Guess Psalm 90:6 captures the essense of what i feel on this day – every day that goes by is one less day to live, one less day to make and impact, one less day to prepare for “the One”, one less day for everything… Here’s to hoping this next year brings “the One” at least!

Haunted by a YearBook…

Phew — The “danger” of documentation was brought home to me very forcibly a couple of days ago.. A friend of mine stumbled across an old year book from my campus fellowship (from which I graduated in 2002).

First off the “me” in the picture was several pounds lighter, with bushier hair and the talk — gist of launching my very own ISP wthin 10 years of quititng campus, writing songs and all what not — was a far cry from what I’d actually gone on to do .. Only my name connected the picture of the scrawny 20-something year old guy with the “buff” guy I’d become..

Maybe documentation is a good “danger” — it forces us to look at our lives thru the prism of yesterday’s plans and tots and ask the hard questions – am i still on track or have i derailed..

For me – the year book was a wake up call, to as Jesus says to the church of Sardis in Revelations – Remember , then, what you were taught and what you heard; obey it and turn from your sins. If you do not wake up, I will come upon you like a thief, and you will not even know the time when I will come