One Minute Madness

Na wah o!!! Just saw my man ‘Pescara’ nearly trading blows with an ‘Okada’ rider on the road o.. The issue? A hand trolley pusher on the road had strayed off the kerb onto the road and the car he was in had to stop suddenly.. As a result the motor bike behind the svelte 406 he was in slammed into the car’s rear end and fell on the ground.. Rather than the bike man to accept he was wrong and apologize, he launched into a tirade in the local language about ‘people who use stolen money to buy cars and then consitute hazards to other road users”

My man ‘Pescara’ was rightly indignant and tried to give the ‘okada’ man a thorough explanation of how he was wrong and should apologize.. Trust 9ja now — Before he started saying anything people had gathered and attempted mobbing my guy.. Na God save o! We no advise am before e take style enter im motor comot o.. Apart from having his car rammed, he got some knocks from the irate mob, had his shirt jacked and was massively rough handled.. all for an issue that he was not the root cause of..

Anyways — Na so 9ja be sha’ — Another hazard of living and working in 9ja — Too bad..