What Girls Wish You Know?

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Show some respect.
When it comes to respecting women, many Christian guys act no differently than the world. When I hear a man talk about other women disrespectfully, it is an immediate turn-off. Some guys will pour on the charm when they take a girl out on a date, but they don’t demonstrate the same consideration to their female friends. Even something as simple as keeping his house clean, so women feel comfortable when they visit, will make the women in his life feel valued.

Be kind to everyone. Men may be surprised by how often a woman is evaluating them in a simple interaction they have with someone else. I not only look at the way a potential suitor treats me, I also watch how he treats others. Consistent kindness is an outward sign of inner character shaped by Christ. The same goes for service and generosity.

Seek out spiritual guidance and accountability. The women I’ve talked to seem more concerned with evidence that a guy is engaged in the spiritual process than some benchmark of super-spirituality. When I am getting to know a guy, one of the first things I consider is whether he is seeking accountability from other Christian men. A lone ranger is a red flag.

Love your family. My mom often tells the story of the first time she knew she wanted to marry my dad. It happened while they were visiting my dad’s brother and his family. Upon arriving at his brother’s house, my dad jumped out of the car and ran to his 3-year-old niece. “Little Weee-o!” he called, scooping her up and tossing her in the air. In that moment, my mom saw a future husband and father.
Women also notice how men treat their sisters, mothers and grandmothers.

Take marriage seriously. For many of my guy friends, marriage is something they never talk about. Even if they’re thinking about getting married someday, there is no evidence that they’re planning for it.
Another evidence of readiness is a willingness to take on responsibilities. Many guys choose to continue living the carefree life they enjoyed in college, instead of embracing the new duties that come with adulthood. Those who consistently make wise choices in how they use resources, such as time and money, stand out. “I’m not looking for a boy,” a friend recently said. “I’m looking for a man.”

Take initiative. I recently heard my friend Danielle describe how God had brought her together with her husband, Josh. After knowing each other for several years, Danielle and Josh began leading a small group together. Feeling ready to marry, 21-year-old Josh prayed that God would show him if there was a woman in the church suitable to be his wife. When no one came to mind after several weeks, Josh asked a trusted friend if he saw anyone. “What about Danielle?” the friend asked. Josh began praying specifically about Danielle. In the meantime, Danielle felt her heart moved romantically toward Josh when she had never seriously considered him before. After consulting with Danielle’s father, Josh approached her and asked if they might get to know each other for the possibility of marriage. A year later they were married.

Take a Risk. Ultimately many guys let potential relationships dissipate because they let the moment of decision pass them by. They need to know that women respond to courage.

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WOW — tot I’d gone AWOL before but this certainly tops them all — No fault of mine though, my lousy ISP here in 9ja decided they needed to switch their US based service provider – and it took them over 1 month to sort out — Well – its good to be back and tho i hate to admit it – the speed’s a tad bit faster now…

Hopefully when the MTNs and GloMobile’s of 9ja decide to turn on the HSDPA switches, they’ll price it within the reach of the avergae 9ja guy and we’ll not be dependent on these half-baked ISPs anymore..