This PDP tsunami

I am still reeling from the sham called elections that were held in Nigeria this month. The flagrant abuse of power on the part of PDP, the lack of a credible opposition response and the total disregard of the 60 million (really?) registered Nigerian voters have combined to leave a sickening feeling in the depths of my guts..

I’ve had time to think through the whole process though and find the following salient points worthy of note
1. The PDP won only because they rigged more – every other party with the exception of possibly FRESH and Pat Utomi – attempted to put in place structures to aid and abet rigging in their favor. The PDP landslide only happened because they had more muscle
2. Most of the opposition candidates only featured on the platform of the oppostion because they were unable to gain a toehold in the party that had the “powers that be” in each region.
3. No credible plans and agenda were articulated by the vast majority of persons standing for election.

I don’t know if this is typical African resignation to the “will of God” or something but somehow maybe its the “best” candidate that has won at the end. A PhD in analytical chemistry plus time spent teaching in the four walls of a University seem to suggest that at least this man has a good head on his shoulders. Surely that is a better bargain than an ex- military warlord, a person who was fingered in major financial improprietes and an eloquent but other-wordly “man of God”. If I had been given the opportunity to vote, my vote would have gone to Prof. Paty Utomi but as has ensued, I was disenfranchised even before the votes were cast.. Well lets “wait and see” – obviously all efforts to get the vote anulled seem to be the wild rantings of an imprisoned child.

Maybe what is key is if the President -elect has the guts to stand on his own two feet. You know… I want to hear what a certain Tunde Bakare has to say about this new “Messiah from the North”!

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